Rolex Paris Masters tickets 2023 – how to still get them

As the final Masters 1000 event of the ATP season, Rolex Paris Masters tickets are obviously in high demand. This is a top-flight tournament with all of the world’s best players flocking to the French capital to make their mark. Guys like Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, and many others are on the entry list. And for those who are interested, the Rolex Paris Masters draw is set to be released on October 28th – in just a few day’s time. Or, to be even more specific, the draw will be made at 12:00 on Saturday, October 28th.

2023 Rolex Paris Masters Tickets

With that said, the Rolex Paris Masters qualifiers will be played on October 28th and 29th too. So while the main draw will kick off on Monday, October 30th, the qualifiers will already have been played and completed. Anyway, you’ve got all of this to look forward to. But first and foremost, I’m assuming you are here as you are interested in locking in some 2023 Rolex Paris Masters. 

If you live in the UK or mainland Europe, this is a tournament that you can easily get to with a relatively short flight, or even a train – depending on where you are based. However, in order to actually watch the action, it goes without saying that you need a valid ticket. So let’s get to the main point now.

2023 Rolex Paris Masters tickets – current options available

At the time of writing, the Rolex Paris Masters is just a few days away. Yet despite that, while you might think that all of the tickets have been snapped up, surprisingly, they are still available to purchase. However, before I run through the ticket options, I’d like to make one thing clear. The best and safest way to secure your 2023 Rolex Paris Masters is to grab them directly from the official tournament site. I say this because there are other websites out there selling Rolex Paris Masters without consent. And naturally, the last thing you want is to buy a ticket only to find out that you’ve purchased a ticket that isn’t authentic or valid.

Anyway, with that clarified, let me now run through your options – all of which are available to purchase on the main Rolex Paris Masters website right now.

Standard tickets

This is the category that many tennis fans will be surprised about. Unlike other tournaments where standard tickets are sold out weeks, if not months in advance, the standard tickets can still be obtained for this event. As for the specific options, you can purchase day session tickets, night session tickets, or a combination of day/night tickets. Amazingly, these start at just €10 for the opening days, which is a crazy cheap price for such a high-profile tournament.

Resale options

If you have exact tickets in mind that you want to buy, yet find out that they are sold out, you may wish to check in for resale tickets on a regular basis. There is an entire section of the Rolex Paris Masters site that is reserved for resale tickets. Furthermore, since the resale started to open up in the middle of October, there are tickets being added to this list fairly regularly. And if you check out the page often enough, who knows – you might just grab a diamond in the rough.

Hospitality packages

This is the point at which the Rolex Paris Masters tickets start to get a little pricier. Then again, if you are desperate to go, and none of the standard tickets are available for your desired day or session, it’s worth checking out the hospitality packages. With that in mind, hospitality packages generally start at a price tag that exceeds €100, and many of the packages exceed €200. However, while these are obviously much more expensive than the standard tickets or what you might find through the resale, they do have considerable perks.

For example, hospitality packages usually come with free drinks, premium tickets, food, and other incentives that you just don’t get with regular tickets.

Premium offers

The last, somewhat feasible option for most people seeking 2023 Rolex Paris Masters tickets relates to the premium offers. You will find a designated tab on the official website for these tickets, and they start at €240 for the opening day. Of course, the prices for such tickets then increase as the tournament progresses, all the way up to €445 on finals day. As for what you get with these tickets, you get access to ‘gold category’ seating, private rooms for up to 12 guests, and even refined catering options – all very exclusive, as you can probably imagine!

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