Raducanu Coach Split – On the Hunt Once Again

Emma Raducanu has split with her current coach after a mere five months together. The split demonstrates a third coach fallen by the wayside in less than 12 months. Of course, Raducanu is the US Open champion, and her surge to fame has been well documented. But putting fame aside, she has struggled on the court since her US Open fairytale. Most people expected a struggle after such an enormous win, but clearly, Raducanu is not happy with her performances.


She joins the likes of Andy Murray in the hunt for finding a long-term coach who is suitable for them. And below, I’ll be running through the story of the split and what this might mean moving forward for Raducanu.

What Does This Split Mean for Raducanu’s 2022 Season?

In case you didn’t know the full story – Raducanu has chosen to split with Torben Beltz. This seasoned German had previously enjoyed much success with the likes of Angelique Kerber. But despite this track record, Raducanu has decided to call it a day. Here are the details and what this might mean for the start of the European summer on the WTA Tour:

Move to LTA Interim Coaching

The split comes ahead of the Madrid Open on the WTA Tour, which is scheduled to begin in just a couple of days’ time. So of course, this means that Raducanu goes into the tournament without a direct coach, in essence. In the meantime, Raducanu has stated that she will stick with her training model under the guidance of the Lawn Tennis Association. This is the main governing body for British tennis, so she isn’t exactly on her own ahead of the upcoming tournaments.

Turbulence Ahead of Roland Garros and Wimbledon

Usually, when a player splits with a coach, there can be a fair bit of unrest. This is then reflected in the performances on the court. Of course, British tennis fans will be hoping that this doesn’t happen, but it remains to be seen whether this will be the case. Personally, I wouldn’t have thought that she would make such a split ahead of two major Grand Slams. Then again, it is ultimately down to the player and what they feel is the best move to make.

But especially for Wimbledon, Raducanu has points that she needs to defend to keep her ranking. In the 2021 tournament, Raducanu made the fourth round, which was the first embers we all witnessed as to her talent and what she could achieve.

Strange Timing for the Split

In my personal opinion, I find the timing of the coach split rather unusual. Since Raducanu won the US Open in 2021, she has managed to win back-to-back matches on just two occasions. This occurred in October 2021, and more recently, last week at the Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart. She managed to grab two wins in Stuttgart and then played a great match against Iga Swiatek, the world number one. So for me, the timing is a little unusual!

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