2023 Queen’s Club Championships Betting Odds – Who Are the Main Favourites?

Read all about the Cinch Championships odds for the tournament as a whole right here. Here you can find daily updates on outright odds, as well as the latest information on the main favourites with each passing round. Check out the details below for your full breakdown.

Queen’s Club Championships Betting Odds – June 25th Updates

Who will the winner of the Queen’s Club Championships be for 2023? One thing is for sure – the winner will be Carlos Alcaraz or Alex De Minaur. These two guys are set for a showdown later today, and to clarify, at this point in the event, the Queen’s Club Championships odds are the same when comparing the outrights with the match winner. That’s because the match winner will ultimately be the outright champion since we’ve reached finals day. And for those of you who are hoping to wager on the final today, I’ve shared my tips for the game below.

Queen's Championships Alcaraz

However, in case you didn’t catch the tennis from yesterday, let me start with that to show you what occurred on Saturday, June 24th.

Report on the Semi-finals Results

First up, De Minaur went up against Holger Rune in the Queen’s Club Championships semi-final. He managed to capture the win in straight sets, although Rune almost snagged the second set, which would have made things interesting. As for the other semi-final, Carlos Alcaraz surprised us all by beating Korda in straight sets. I say this because Alcaraz is still finding his feet on the grass, but things are now looking very promising heading into Wimbledon.

As for the exact scores, you can see those right here:

  • Alcaraz beat Korda – 6-3 6-4
  • De Minaur beat Rune – 6-3 7-6

Queen’s Club Championships Odds – The Final Showdown

When the final ball is hit today for the Queen’s Club Championships 2023, there will be one winner. And in my opinion, that winner will be Carlos Alcaraz. So for that reason, although the Queen’s Club Championships betting odds aren’t that great for this market, this is the best call if you wish to wager on the winner. Here are the odds for both markets:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 1/4 Odds
  • Alex De Minaur – 13/5 Odds

Cinch Championships Odds – June 23rd Updates

Currently, the majority of quarter-final matches have been completed at the 2023 Queen’s Club Championships. This means that we know who 3 of the 4 semi-finalists are ahead of the scheduled matches tomorrow. And naturally, once the final match of the day is wrapped up, we will know who is going to compete for a spot in the final. This is obviously a very exciting time of the tournament, as it’s getting closer and closer to finals day.

As for what all of this means for the Queen’s Club Championships odds, well, I’m about to give you the latest information as of Friday, June 23rd.

Most Recent Queen’s Club Championships Betting Odds

Since the semi-finalists are almost set in stone, we are seeing a much better picture in terms of who is now the favourite to win the tournament. Then again, we’ve known who the Queen’s Club Championships favourites have been before the first ball was even hit. However, not all of the original favourites are featured in the semi-finals. And on that note, for the remaining players left in the draw, here are the latest odds:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 10/9 Odds
  • Holger Rune – 5/2 Odds
  • Sebastian Korda – 14/5 Odds
  • Alex De Minaur – 3/1 Odds

Key Results That Have Impacted the Odds

If you’ve been watching the tennis over the last couple of days, you’ll know that some unexpected results have come through. For example, not many people would have picked Mannarino to beat Fritz in the second round on June 22nd, as Fritz was the 3rd seed. Other than that, it was quite surprising to see Rune beat Musetti and for Korda to beat Norrie in the quarter-finals. 

This means that De Minaur will play Rune in the bottom half semi-final. And Korda will play the winner of Alcaraz and Dimitrov this evening.

Queen’s Club Championships Odds – June 22nd Updates

At the time of writing, we’ve reached the 2nd round and quarter-final stages of the Queen’s Club Championships. In fact, all of the 2nd round matches should be completed by the end of the day today. This means we will ultimately know who is facing who in the quarter-finals, which will be played tomorrow. If you’ve been keeping track of the results that have poured in over the last 24 hours, you may have witnessed some big changes in the Queen’s Club Championships betting odds too.

Alcaraz Queens

Of course, I will clarify what these changes are while providing a tournament update as things stand right now. And as a reminder, make sure you tune in again tomorrow for a full update on key results and odds adjustments. 

Latest Odds for Queen’s Club Championships Favourites – June 22nd

As each round gets played in the Cinch Championships, the odds naturally change for whoever is left in the tournament. With that said, the underdogs will still have very high odds given that it is not expected for them to beat the top seeds and win the event. Yet for the Queen’s Club Championships favourites, the odds tend to shorten significantly with each progressive round. 

On that note, as of June 22nd, the following outright odds have been given for the remaining contenders:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 21/10 Odds
  • Holger Rune – 32/5 Odds
  • Cam Norrie – 4/9 Odds
  • Lorenzo Musetti – 69/5 Odds
  • Alex De Minaur – 41/5 Odds

Results That Have Changed the Cinch Championships Odds

Because there haven’t been too many ‘major shocks’ in the Queen’s Club Championships so far, the odds have adjusted on a fairly even trajectory thus far. However, there were a couple of results yesterday that caused ripples in the outright markets. Here are the results you might have missed:

  • Korda beat Tiafoe (4th seed)
  • Alcaraz beat Rinderknech (very tight three-setter)

Given that Frances Tiafoe lost to Korda, you cannot get odds on him to win the event anymore. As for the Alcaraz result, while he was the odds-on favourite to win the title, the odds took a bit of a wobble as punters lost confidence in the top seed. With that said, his scheduled match against Lehecka today will no doubt have a big impact on how the outright odds will change before the quarter-finals.

Queen’s Club Championships Betting Odds – June 21st Updates

Now that we are entering the third day of the tournament, the men’s singles has reached the 2nd round. Over the last 48 hours, we’ve seen impressive tennis, as well as some hairy moments for the top seeds. Of course, all of this has made an impact concerning the Queen’s Club Championships odds for the main contenders. Below, you can see what this impact is by reading through the latest odds and news for the top players.

Cinch Championships Odds – Wednesday, June 21st

Rather than taking you through the outright odds for every guy left in the draw, I will keep the focus on the likely winners. And as of Wednesday, June 21st, here are the latest tournament outright odds for such players:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – 2/1 Odds
  • Taylor Fritz – 9/2 Odds
  • Alex De Minaur – 13/2 Odds
  • Cameron Norrie – 7/1 Odds
  • Grigor Dimitrov – 8/1 Odds

Queen’s Club Championships Favourites Updates

These tournaments can be very tricky for the favourites in the opening rounds. In fact, the first round of the Queen’s Club Championships has often played host to the top seeds crashing out in spectacular fashion. Yet at the 2nd round stage, amazingly, all 8 seeds have made it through. That’s right – not a single seed went out in the first round, although some made harder work of this than others.

Both Carlos Alcaraz (1st seed) and Francisco Cerundolo (8th seed) needed three sets to make it through, and they are due to play on Thursday, June 22nd.

Queen’s Club Championships Odds 2023

The Queen’s Club Championships, known as the Cinch Championships these days for sponsorship reasons, is the main build-up tournament for Wimbledon. As the name indicates, this tournament is played at the Queen’s Club in London. It takes place just two weeks before the main draw begins at Wimbledon, and the start date is June 19th. Furthermore, should you be interested, we will be updating the Queen’s Club Championships schedule as the tournament progresses.

Queen's Club Championships Odds

Of course, with this being the main warm-up tournament for the third Grand Slam of the season, there are some big names involved. It is these big names that pull punters towards the Queen’s Club Championships betting odds each year too. And for the 2023 edition, the odds are as enticing as ever. On that note, my objective here is to discuss the Queen’s Club Championships odds and what this all means from a betting perspective. 

So – ready to learn all about the Cinch Championships odds for 2023? Let’s begin.

Queen’s Club Championships Favourites

When it comes to identifying the favourites for this event, there are two ways of analyzing things. Firstly, you can base the favourites on who the top Queen’s Club Championships seeds are. Or secondly, you can base the favourites on how the Queen’s Club Championships betting odds are shaping up. In most cases, the two are somewhat aligned, but this isn’t always true. Anyway, simply knowing this doesn’t get you any closer to learning who the favourites are to win the tournament this year. 

Therefore, the best thing for me to do is to showcase the favourites as per the latest betting odds, as displayed below:

  • Carlos Alcaraz – TBA
  • Holger Rune – TBA
  • Taylor Fritz – TBA
  • Frances Tiafoe – TBA
  • Cameron Norrie – TBA

These guys are the true favourites to capture the Queen’s Club Championships trophy this year. However, it’s not going to be a walk in the park for any of them. Then again, this tournament hasn’t been totally dominated by any particular individual in recent years. So the tournament is more ‘open’, so to speak, than other grass court events.

Queen’s Club Championships Betting Odds – Top Contenders Discussed

Now that you’ve witnessed an overview of the Cinch Championships odds for 2023, how about we take a closer look at these guys? After all, you might not know exactly what kind of form these guys are in, how they tend to play on grass, and most importantly – whether the odds provide a realistic reflection of their chances or not. With that said, let me continue our review of the Queen’s Club Championships betting odds by discussing each of the favourites right now.

Carlos Alcaraz

There is no surprise that Carlos Alcaraz is the top seed for the 2023 Queen’s Club Championships. He is the number two player in the world, and at just 20 years of age, he is undoubtedly the most promising prospect on the ATP Tour. However, grass is the only surface where Alcaraz has been unable to snag a title so far in his career.

Holger Rune

Following a tremendous clay court season, Holger Rune finds himself at number 6 in the world going into the Queen’s Club Championships. As it happens, Rune is also 20 years of age, and he already has multiple titles to his name. But in an exact mirror image of Alcaraz, Rune too has failed to win any important tournament on grass. 

Taylor Fritz

Fritz has a completely different story to some of the other Queen’s Club Championships favourites here. He has actually enjoyed much more success than guys like Rune or Alcaraz on the grass. In fact, his very first ATP title was on grass – the Eastbourne International. He has since won that title again, and he made the quarter-finals of Wimbledon last year.

Frances Tiafoe

Here we have another talented American in the form of Francis Tiafoe. This man is number 12 in the ATP rankings right now, making him the 4th seed at the Cinch Championships. With that said, this tournament hasn’t been a great one for him in the past, especially given that he lost in the first round in 2022.

Cameron Norrie

The fifth and final individual of these Queen’s Club Championships favourites is Cam Norrie. Impressively, Norrie made the semi-finals of Wimbledon 2022, and he was the runner-up in this event in 2021. So Norrie clearly has some top-notch grass court skills, and he goes into this event as the 5th seed.

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