Queen’s Club Championships Doubles 2023: Contenders, Odds, and Predictions

Are you following the Queen’s Club Championships doubles event this year? If you are, and if you are looking for match recaps, predictions, and news regarding the tournament favourites, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can read through my breakdown of the top contenders, the odds for potential tournament winners, and to top things off – I will be supplying daily match predictions.

Queen's Club Championships Doubles

Anyway, all of this news is shared below. So please read on and enjoy this comprehensive overview of the Cinch Championships doubles event for 2023.

Queen’s Club Championships Doubles – June 25th Updates

Wimbledon’s premier warm-up event is almost over. And of course, today marks the final day of the Queen’s Club Championships for 2023. Just like the singles event, only one of the initial entries will be left standing later this afternoon, and punters are excited to see who might capture the championships. As for the teams involved, we have the unseeded pair in the form of Lehecka/Fritz taking on the number two seeds, Dodig/Krajicek. 

Of course, the number two seeds are favourites to win, yet things might not be so straightforward, as discussed in my predictions below. But right before we get there, let’s review the results from the Cinch Championships doubles event yesterday.

Interesting Results – June 24th

Both semi-final matches in the Queen’s Club Championships were played on Friday/Saturday, respectively. This is typically how things work in tournaments that are just one week in length. So one might argue that the pair that played on Friday will be fresher for the final. Either way, the fact is that just one doubles match was played yesterday, and the result is shown here:

  • Dodig/Krajicek (2nd seeds) beat Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 7-6 7-6

Cinch Championships Doubles – Finals Predictions

Scheduled for a little later today, the men’s doubles final will be held at the Queen’s Club. The match promises to be an intriguing contest, and taking a few important factors into account, I suggest backing the following prediction:

  • Fritz/Lehecka to beat Dodig/Krajicek – 9/4 Odds

Fritz/Lehecka are not the favourites to win today, as the odds would suggest. Yet for me, these odds display a great opportunity to lock in a great return, especially since they beat the top seeds in straight sets in the semi-finals. In fact, Fritz/Lehecka have beaten the 4th and 1st seeds to make the final, so why can’t they take down the number 2 seeds in the final?

Cinch Championships Doubles – June 23rd Updates

The two teams that will compete for the Queen’s Club Championships doubles title are almost set. We have a surprise finalist in the form of Fritz/Lehecka, yet the bottom half of the draw is still up in the air. Of course, over the next 24 hours, we will know exactly who is going to face off for the trophy. But before we get to that, I want to give you the low down on who has beaten who, and what surprises have flooded in over the last couple of days. You can find a recap of these results below.

And for those who are getting excited about the final matches of the Cinch Championships doubles event, I’ve got a prediction for the upcoming semi-final to share with you too. Anyway, it’s all outlined below, so let’s get going.

Interesting Results From June 22nd/23rd

Because I am covering two days of the tournament here, there have been plenty of intriguing results that have come through in this period. In case you haven’t been able to catch the action, or if you’ve just not followed the draw, I’d like to highlight the more interesting results for you right now.

  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin beat Ram/Salisbury (3rd seeds) – June 22nd
  • Dodig/Krajicek beat Evans/Glasspool – June 22nd
  • Fritz/Lehecka beat Skupski/Koolhof (1st seeds) – June 23rd

As you can see, between these three matches, two of the top three seeds have exited the tournament. I must admit, I didn’t expect Fritz/Lehecka to beat the top seeds, and I certainly didn’t expect Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin to take out the 3rd seeds. However, this can happen in doubles competitions, as a few breaks here and there can completely change the outcome. 

Queen’s Club Championships Doubles Predictions – June 24th

Since the range of matches is now very thin on the ground, as expected, there is just one doubles match set for tomorrow. This is the second semi-final of the bottom half, and it will see the 2nd seeds take on the unranked Mexican/French duo. As for the most likely outcome, I’ve provided it here:

  • Dodig/Krajicek to beat Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 3/5 Odds

Dodig/Krajicek showed great form in the last round, and I believe that Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin will be exhausted from their efforts. 

Queen’s Club Championships Doubles – June 22nd Updates

The Queen’s Club Championships has already shown us some incredible doubles matches. With multiple Championship tie-breaks played in the final set to decide the outcomes, fans have been spoiled by thrills and spills over recent days. And as we enter another day of the Queen’s Club Championships doubles tournament, there is more of the same on the way. But before we take a look at what’s to come today, I’d like to remind you of the more intriguing results that came through yesterday – Wednesday, June 21st.

Due to a couple of upsets, the Cinch Championships doubles draw has become quite open in certain sections. The information below will show you why that is the case. And as a reminder, those of you who are seeking predictions for the upcoming doubles matches will also find that below.

Interesting Results From June 21st

It has been a pretty solid start to the tournament for all but one of the four seeded pairings. The only seed that failed to make it through their opener was Nys/Zielinski, yet the other three secured a spot in the quarters. Many of these quarters are being played today too, which you can tune in for if you get the chance. As for the results that few punters would have seen coming yesterday, here they are:

  • Bopanna/Edben beat Murray/Venus
  • Fritz/Lehecka beat Mahut/Martin

I must admit, I didn’t expect Bopanna/Ebden to beat Murray/Venus. Yet they took them down in straight sets by a score of 7-6 7-6. And they will now take on the top seeds today. As for Fritz/Lehecka beating Mahut/Martin, with Fritz/Lehecka being primarily singles players, this was another shock.

Cinch Championships Doubles Predictions for June 22nd

Now for the tips and predictions ahead of the quarter-final matches, I’m shooting for one key upset and one likely outcome. You can see both of my Queen’s Club Championships doubles predictions below, along with the most up-to-date odds for each market:

  • Evans/Glasspool to beat Dodig/Krajicek – 7/5 Odds
  • Ram/Salisbury to beat Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 13/20 Odds

Evans/Glasspool might not be seeded, but Glasspool is one of the top doubles players in the world at the moment. And he could well help Evans on the grass to take out the number two seeds. As for Ram/Salisbury, they are the 3rd seeds, so the fact that you can snap up 13/20 odds on them to win is awesome.

Cinch Championships Doubles – June 21st Updates

The first few doubles matches of this tournament have officially been played. All of the action kicked off on Monday, June 19th, and the games continued through Tuesday, June 20th. However, despite a range of matches being played, not all of the first-round games have been completed. There are still a handful of first-round matches scheduled to be played today, so you’ve still got a bunch of top-level doubles matches to watch.

Anyway, as I will be doing for the remainder of the event, I’ve shared the most intriguing results so far along with today’s predictions below.

Interesting Results From June 20th

Yesterday, the Queen’s Club Championships doubles played host to just two matches. Both matches involved British players too, which was cool for the home crowd to see. However, only one of the British pairs made it through, which was inevitable since Evans/Glasspool played against another British pair, Broady/O’Mara. 

It was Evans/Glasspool who made it through in that encounter, whereas the other British pair of Johnson/Cash lost a thriller to Mahut/Martin – 14-12 in the championship tie-break.

Predictions for June 21st

There are four doubles matches scheduled to be played today at the Queen’s Club. Yet not all of them are worth betting on due to the odds that have been given. Therefore, I’d recommend taking the following bets for the best value out there:

  • Mektic/Pavic to beat Koolhof/Skupski – 1/1 Odds
  • Murray/Norrie to beat Ram/Salisbury – 4/7 Odds

I’m calling for an upset in both of these matches, as you can see from the odds. Firstly, I feel Mektic/Pavic can beat Koolhof/Skupski as they are fantastic grass-court doubles players. As for Murray/Norrie to beat Ram/Salisbury, Murray has won the doubles at Queen’s before. And now that he is out of the singles event, he will go all in for this match.

Queen’s Club Championships Doubles 2023 – Tournament Breakdown

The Cinch Championships doubles takes place at the same time as the men’s singles event. For clarity, the Queen’s Club Championships as a whole will run from June 17th to June 25th. The first few days cover the qualifiers for these respective events, and from that point on, it’s all about the main draw. Yet since we are focusing on the men’s doubles event here, this is what we are all primarily interested in. So for a breakdown of some key information for 2023, check out the sections below.

Recent Champions

Like all tennis tournaments, it’s handy to check out the previous champions as a gauge for what could potentially unfold. Therefore, if you are intrigued to learn about who has won this tournament in recent times, check out the list here:

  • 2022 Champions – Mektic/Pavic
  • 2021 Champions – Hugues-Herbert/Mahut
  • 2019 Champions – Lopez/Murray

Interestingly, of the last three winners of the Cinch Championships doubles event, none of them have teamed up to try and win the 2023 event.

Tournament Schedule

Assuming you are planning on making use of Queen’s Club Championships live streaming options and/or wagering on this event, you’ll want to know when to tune in. As referenced earlier, the official dates for the Queen’s Club Championships runs from June 17th to June 25th. However, the Queen’s Club Championships schedule for doubles doesn’t mirror the singles event. First-round games should begin on Monday, June 19th, although this depends on how efficiently the singles draw progresses.

As for the most important rounds, the quarter-finals for the doubles will be played on the 21st and 22nd. The semi-finals will then be played on the 23rd and 24th, and this is followed by the Queen’s Club Championships doubles final on Sunday, June 25th. 

Outright Odds

Of course, there are certain players involved in this tournament that are far more likely to secure the title than others. However, at the time of writing, we only know who the seeds are for the 2023 tournament. These are always announced prior to the draw being made. And to showcase these favourites along with their odds, check out the list below:

  • Koolhof/Skupski – TBA Odds
  • Dodig/Krajicek – TBA Odds
  • Ram/Salisbury – TBA Odds
  • Nys/Zielinski – TBA Odds

Cinch Championships Doubles – Tournament Favourites

Let’s now shift gears and move on to the information you will be most intrigued about. As mentioned above, the main Cinch Championships doubles favourites relate directly to the top seeds for the tournament. Like in previous years, there are just 4 seeds for the tournament, and I’ve discussed each of these pairings in further detail here.

Koolhof/Skupski – Seed 1

As the top doubles team in the world at the moment, it’s no great surprise that Koolhof/Skupski enter the Queen’s Club Championships as the top seeds. These guys have never won the tournament, however, which is intriguing. As for their recent results, these guys made the quarter-finals of the French Open on clay.

Dodig/Krajicek – Seed 2

Speaking of the French Open, Dodig/Krajicek captured this Grand Slam title just one week ago (at the time of writing). They are a formidable partnership, yet because of the rankings going into this tournament, they are the second seeds. Furthermore, due to their recent Roland Garros victory, they will be full of confidence.

Ram/Salisbury – Seed 3

Ram/Salisbury haven’t won the Queen’s Club Championships doubles before, but they were the runners-up in 2019. As you may also know, this duo has picked up multiple Grand Slam wins in their careers, yet they did lose in the third round of the French Open recently.

Nys/Zielinski – Seed 4

Nys/Zielinski are a solid top 10 doubles pairing, although they aren’t quite as experienced (together) as some of the other pairs. Then again, they’ve had success in the 2023 season, winning the Rome Masters title, and reaching the finals of the 2023 Australian Open too. 

Queen’s Club Championships Doubles – FAQs

Can I bet on the individual Cinch Championships doubles matches?

Absolutely. You can wager on these matches every day, which is where my predictions (shared above) come in handy.

What is the format for the Queen’s Club Championships doubles games?

These matches are played using a ‘best of three format’ with a championship tie-break as the third set.

Is it possible to watch the Cinch Championships doubles games?

Yes. This tournament will be shown on mainstream TV, and there are several live-streaming options.

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