Pablo Carreño Busta Injury Update 2023

The 2023 ATP season has been riddled with injuries for some of the stars of the game. Cast your mind back to the Australian Open and it was Rafael Nadal who first went down with a significant injury. In fact, Nadal’s injury and subsequent recovery are still ongoing, meaning he has yet to return to the tour. Adding to that, Nick Kyrgios has been sidelined following surgery on his knee, which has been another big blow to the tour in 2023.

Carreno Busta injury update

Yet today, I would like to concentrate on the Pablo Carreño Busta injury, as the Spaniard is another top player who has been absent for several months now. You may have noticed that while he has been on the entrant list for many events since February, he’s subsequently followed it up by landing on the withdrawals list shortly after. So just what is happening with Pablo Carreño Busta?

This is an interesting one as it hasn’t received too much media coverage – nothing like the coverage and attention given to guys like Nadal and Kyrgios anyway. Therefore, I wanted to change that for those who are interested. So below, you can check out the full extent of Carreño Busta’s injury to see what we can expect from the Spaniard in the imminent future.

Overview and Update of Carreño Busta’s Nagging Injury

At the time of writing, Carreño Busta is still ranked 17 in the world. This is pretty amazing considering he hasn’t competed since the Rotterdam Open in February. And because he is ranked so highly, his absence from the ATP Tour is obviously a great shame for both himself and tennis fans around the world. On that note, as promised above, I’d like to now give you the scoop on his injury.

Series of Withdrawals Since February 2023

As I referenced previously, the Rotterdam Open was the last time we saw Carreño Busta competing on the ATP Tour. This was obviously quite some time ago, and he has left a string of withdrawals behind him up to this point. Take March 2023 as an example – Carreño Busta was on the entrant list for both Indian Wells and Miami. In fact, he was actually listed in the main draw for Indian Wells, before he withdrew and was replaced by a lucky loser.

He then didn’t delay things for the Miami Open, as he withdrew before the event started. The same thing occurred regarding the 2023 Monte Carlo Masters, so clearly things are not quite right with Carreño Busta.

No Exact Return Date Specified

In terms of giving an exact Carreño Busta injury update for you, this is, unfortunately, rather impossible for the moment. I say this because the Spaniard hasn’t declared anything on social media, nor has he given any insight to the press about when he will return. However, there are at least some positives when looking ahead at the upcoming tournaments.

Carreño Busta is once again on the entry list for a big event that is rapidly approaching. The event I am referencing here is the 2023 Madrid Open – a 1000-level clay court tournament. 

This tournament begins on April 26th, with the main draw starting shortly after. So with a bit of luck, we might see Carreño Busta back in time for this one.

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