Novak Djokovic Elbow Injury – How Troublesome Is It?

We all know that sustaining injuries is part of the game of tennis. But in an ideal world, players would like to avoid injuries during busy parts of the season. On that note, the clay court swing, which plays out from March to May, more or less, is one of the busiest periods of the season. It’s a time when players get to take a shot at three different Masters 1000 events, covering Monte Carlo, Madrid, and Rome. And of course, it’s a time when the clay court season peaks with a two-week blockbuster in Paris.

This would be the French Open, which is the second Grand Slam of the year. So naturally, with so many prestigious tournaments played in a relatively short period of time, this is when the top players want to be 100% ready. But sadly for Novak Djokovic, it would seem that the 2023 season is proving to be a little problematic at the current moment. In case you missed the news, Djokovic has joined the growing list of Madrid Open withdrawals for the 2023 event.

Novak Djokovic elbow injury

The reason behind his withdrawal from the tournament is an ‘elbow injury’. This is the official reason for the withdrawal anyway, and Djokovic has claimed that his elbow is proving painful when competing. Some may think that this explains his surprise results in the previous two weeks, and I would tend to agree. However, as referenced above, with the upcoming month being such a pivotal part of the ATP season, there is a begging question that must be addressed.

How severe is Djokovic’s injury and could this have an impact on his chances of winning Roland Garros? Let’s take a look.

Novak Djokovic Injury Update 2023

It’s always concerning when a player experiences a repeat injury – especially when it’s an injury that has required surgery in the past. So the fact that Djokovic had surgery on his elbow back in 2017 is definitely worrisome. But whether this is a substantial injury or not is another matter entirely. Anyway, as promised, I will now share what little Djokovic has disclosed about the elbow injury, which has also fueled his withdrawal from Madrid.

The Elbow Injury Update – ‘Not Ideal but Good Enough’

In a recent interview, Djokovic was questioned about the elbow injury and subsequent withdrawal from Madrid, understandably. He claimed that the elbow is not ideal, which some feel is a downplay of the true severity of the injury. Then again, if we use the 2023 Australian Open as an example, Djokovic doesn’t like to publicize the extent of his injuries, for obvious reasons. Yet there was some other promising news in the interview.

Djokovic stressed that his elbow is good enough to go and compete in the opening rounds. So it would seem that the elbow injury is aggravated as he plays more and more tennis. This is a good and a bad thing at the same time really. On the one hand, it’s good that the injury isn’t severe enough to stop him playing completely. But on the other, since he must win 7 matches over two weeks to win Roland Garros, this is a concern.

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