Novak Djokovic 2023 Australian Open – Three Reasons He Cannot Be Stopped

Here is a man that really needs no introduction these days. This is true not only in the sport of tennis in general but also for the Australian Open. Djokovic has been simply unbeatable at the Australian Open at times throughout his career. And in 2023, it certainly seems like he has entered another realm where he just cannot possibly lose on those courts. 

Sure, everyone is talking about the hamstring and how it might hold up when he is really pushed in one of his matches. Yet let’s be honest – it doesn’t even seem like the guys in front of him can push him around whatsoever. Take the previous round against Alex de Minaur as an example. Djokovic beat the scrappy Aussie in straight sets with a total match time that barely made it past the two-hour mark.

Djokovic Aus Open 2023

Keep in mind that de Minaur is one of the biggest grinders on tour, so he usually makes his opponents play grueling rallies if they are to beat him. Well, that’s the case unless your name is Novak Djokovic it would seem. Yet aside from this match, Djokovic has just been sensational during the night sessions on Rod Laver Arena.

He is playing very aggressive tennis and spanking baseline winners at will against most guys. Whether that’s due to the injury or because it’s just how good he is feeling the ball remains somewhat unclear. But whatever the reason, I don’t see how anyone can stop him at the Aussie Open this year. Let me explain why.

Why Novak Djokovic Is Odds on to Win the Australian Open 2023

That’s right – Novak Djokovic is the heavy favorite to win this tournament according to all bookies in the land. And in my opinion, they certainly aren’t incorrect with their pricing. However, let me explain exactly why Djokovic just cannot be stopped in Melbourne this year:

Head to Heads Against Upcoming Opponents

Starting with Andrey Rublev, his quarter-final opponent, Djokovic has dismantled him twice on hard courts. Sure, he has lost to him one time, but that was on outdoor clay. So really, he shouldn’t have too much trouble with Rublev. As for Khachanov, Djokovic leads the head-to-head 8-1. And with Tsitsipas, the head-to-head is 10-2 in Djokovic’s favor.

Current Level of Ball Striking

Putting the statistics and head-to-head records aside, it’s his level of play that is most impressive this year. He is smoking the ball from the back of the court, especially on the forehand side. And in my personal opinion, the courts seem to be playing incredibly fast this year at Melbourne Park. This suits Djokovic’s game perfectly as he can flatten out the ball and take it early to completely dominate the rallies.

General Hunger to Win the Event

For the third and final reason, I have to refer back to the GOAT debate. It’s no secret that if Djokovic wins the event he will be level with Rafael Nadal on 22 slams. I’ve no doubt he is desperate to achieve this too. Yet besides that, I feel with Djokovic’s personality, he will also be determined to win because of the fiasco from last year.

He loves to prove people wrong and stick it to those who doubted him, and what better way to do this than to win his 10th Australian Open title?

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