Nick Kyrgios – Can He Really Win a Grand Slam?

Wimbledon 2022 was pretty remarkable for Nick Kyrgios. That we can probably all agree on! It was the first time that the Aussie had gone that deep in a major – ever. Of course, the semi-final clash with Nadal never materialized, sadly. But the fact of the matter is that he did make it to the Wimbledon final. This is an achievement that can never be taken away from the guy, no matter how much you love or hate him. 

Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon 2022

However, as we all know, Kyrgios lost the final to Djokovic in four sets. I am sure it was heartbreaking at the time for Kyrgios, no matter how much he has claimed in the past that he isn’t overly bothered about the sport. At the same time, despite the result, I believe that this has provoked another question to be asked. After making the finals at Wimbledon, has he now proven that he has what it takes to win a Grand Slam?

I believe that the answer is yes, and I have provided my reasons below.

Kyrgios Wimbledon Performance – Proof He Can Do It

As stated above, I believe that the Wimbledon 2022 event showed us that Nick Kyrgios can win a Grand Slam. Of course, I understand that grass is perhaps the most suitable surface for his game. And this means that he only gets one shot at a slam each year on the grass. However, his game is also formidable on hard courts too. This is proven by his results against some of the top players on hard courts. 

But beyond that, I think that Wimbledon showed us three key things about his game that prove he can win a major.

Performance on the Big Stage

Even Djokovic has said during Wimbledon – Kyrgios is a ‘big match player’. His career has backed up this comment from the great Serb too. Kyrgios has managed to lose to some guys that you would have never picked to beat him. But at the same time, he has managed to beat many of the top guys in some pretty big tournaments. And as he went deeper at Wimbledon, he didn’t show signs of nerves or drop his level. In fact, he did quite the opposite!

Mental Stability – At Times

It’s also no huge secret that Nick Kyrgios is a rather volatile player, mentally. He has moments of despair out there on the court, and his interactions with the crowd, as well as his team, are rather amusing. However, this volatility has always led to underperforming, in my opinion. But at Wimbledon this year he looked much calmer, more focused, and more driven on the court. This certainly bodes well for his chances of winning slams in the future.

Overall Game to Beat the Top Players

Back to his style of play now, he certainly has what it takes to beat the big guys. In fact, he has a winning record against Djokovic. He has a 4-6 head-to-head with Nadal. His record against other guys in the top 10 is impressive too. With that said, it’s his serve and his huge forehand that make him so dangerous. And in all honesty, you need this kind of ‘secret sauce’ to have a chance of a slam!

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