Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 – will Kyrgios be playing at AO this year?

Plenty of questions are popping up at the moment about a possible Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 appearance. Of course, this is the Aussie’s home Grand Slam, and it’s the one that he would be most desperate to perform well at. However, given that Kyrgios missed pretty much the entire 2023 season, many tennis fans are wondering whether he will be back in time for the 2024 Australian Open.

The answer to this is black and white – he will either be playing the Australian Open 2024, or he won’t. But like most instances when trying to guess whether a certain player will recover from injury in time for a tournament, actually landing on the correct answer isn’t quite so straightforward. 

Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024

We must look through the latest news, recent interviews, and even social media accounts to come up with the most likely answer. And on this occasion, the prominent question is whether we will witness a Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 outing or not. 

So – what is the answer?

Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 – current situation

Did you know that the Australian Open entry list 2024 is already out? That’s right – all players who have officially entered the event have been confirmed by the tournament organizers in recent weeks. This is true for both the men’s and women’s events. 

But is Nick Kyrgios one of those names? Sadly, while fans were hopeful about Nick Kyrgios making a return in time for the Australian Open, he isn’t listed among the confirmed entrants for the men’s singles tournament. Adding to that, since he won’t feature in the men’s singles event, hopes of a possible doubles appearance have also been squashed. 

This is immensely disappointing for both Kyrgios and his fans, both in Australia and out. And while he was initially entered into the tournament (before the entry list was revealed), he ultimately withdrew before the entry list was published. 

With this said, there is still plenty of Aussie interest in the 2024 Australian Open. Although there might be no Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 show to look forward to, there are many other talented Aussies to make up for his absence – to some degree. 

After all, a guy like Nick Kyrgios is one of a kind, and he’s pretty hard to replace! Yet before I cover that, let me go into a bit more detail on why Kyrgios chose to withdraw from the 2024 Australian Open. 

Reasons behind the Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 withdrawal

If you look back at Nick Kyrgios’ 2023 season, it was pretty much non-existent. After withdrawing the night before the 2023 Australian Open was due to begin, Kyrgios went off the radar for a while. This was the case as he underwent surgery shortly after withdrawing from the 2023 Australian Open for his knee.

Given that this surgery was somewhat invasive, Kyrgios was always going to be sidelined for a few months while recovering. However, while the surgery went well and his recovery from the knee went as planned, Kyrgios was then hit with another setback just a few months later. 

Specifically, he returned to practice and competition after this break only to have problems with his wrist. While I cannot say for sure, this was probably a result of coming back into the full swing of things a little too soon. Of course, Kyrgios was looking to get back on the court as soon as possible after missing several months, which is perfectly understandable.

But while I’m sure he made every effort to keep his body fit and healthy during his rehab after the surgery, these things can happen in professional sports. Furthermore, it’s primarily the wrist injury that has kept him away from the ATP Tour, and subsequently forced the Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 withdrawal.

Kyrgios’ Australian Open 2024 absence – other Aussies flying the flag

As disappointed as we all are about the absence of Nick Kyrgios from the 2024 Australian Open, there’s no changing the current situation. Therefore, instead of keeping the focus on the Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 absence, let’s switch things up to put a more positive spin on the first Grand Slam of the season.

As touched upon earlier, there are still plenty of Aussie players who are set to be involved in the tournament. Let me share some details on the main guys to look out for when this tournament begins.

Alex de Minaur

Did you know that as of the close of the 2023 season – there are three Aussie guys ranked inside the top 50? This is a testament to the strength and depth of Australian tennis at the moment. And of these three guys, it’s Alex de Minaur who ranks the highest at number 12 in the ATP rankings right now. 

De Minaur is an incredibly tough competitor. He makes a ton of balls, he’s lightning fast around the court, and he’s very ‘headstrong’ too. Naturally, this makes him one to watch for the 2024 Australian Open, especially since he will be one of the top seeds.

Alexei Popyrin

Next in line of the Aussies who hold top 50 rankings right now is Alexei Popyrin. He might not be as much of a headline act as a Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 entry, but he’s still got plenty of game, as confirmed by his ranking of 40. Additionally, since he has a big serve and a mighty forehand, Popyrin can do some quite spectacular things on a tennis court. 

Max Purcell

Max Purcell slides in as the third Aussie player inside the top 50 – number 45, to be exact. He is one of the most improved Aussies that I’ve been monitoring over the last 12 months or so too. And given that he tends to serve and volley, coupled with a deadly slice backhand and a monster forehand, he will be great fun to watch in this event. 

FAQs – Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024

Is there any chance at all that we will see a Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 match?

Given that he has officially withdrawn, sadly, there is zero chance that he will feature in any matches.

Could Kyrgios feature at the 2024 Australian Open in some other capacity?

Definitely – he has appeared on the Tennis Channel recently, and there are rumors he may get involved with commentary for this event.

Are there any other Aussies to look out for given the Nick Kyrgios Australian Open 2024 absence?

Besides the guys mentioned above, you should look out for Jordan Thompson, Aleksandar Vukic, Thanasi Kokkinakis, and Rinky Hijikata.

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