New ATP Rankings Following Wimbledon 2022

The 2022 Wimbledon Championships certainly lived up to the hype. New names made it deep in the draw and established names also dazzled us with their level of tennis. However, as you may already know, this year’s Wimbledon was somewhat unique. Despite several players putting in personal bests in terms of Grand Slam performances, no points were awarded. This has thrown the rankings into disarray, especially concerning the ATP Tour. 

New ATP rankings 2022

Below, I shall be running through the top stories in terms of ranking changes. Some of the movements will no doubt shock you, as I am sure they have for thousands if not millions of tennis fans dotted around the world. It really is fascinating to see, so let me jump right into the details.

July 2022 ATP Rankings After Wimbledon

I promised to focus on the top stories regarding rankings after Wimbledon. And that’s exactly what I am about to do. Of course, I cannot cover the movements of every top-flight player in such a short period of time. But I can certainly inform you of some of the more shocking ranking changes, as identified here:

Djokovic Down to Number 7

Despite winning the tournament, Djokovic has dropped to number 7 in the rankings. I did say that this year was a little crazy! He lost 2,000 ranking points since 2022 Wimbledon was stripped of all ATP points. And this has caused his ranking to slip from number 3 to number 7. He hasn’t been as low as this since 2018 while going through some serious injury troubles. 

Berrettini Drops to Number 15

Of course, those who did well in Wimbledon 2021 had the most ranking points to lose this year. And since Berrettini made the finals last year, he has taken quite a hit because of the decision to strip Wimbledon of all points. He has lost 1,200 points due to this, which has made him drop all the way down to number 15. Prior to this, Berrettini was ranked number 11 in the world, and he was playing some great tennis leading up to Wimbledon too.

Sinner Enters the Top 10

Of all the top guys I’m talking about here, Sinner has come out best because of the point changes. He made the quarter-final of Wimbledon this year, which was a great achievement. But last year, he actually lost in the first round to Fucsovics, so he had next to no points to lose. Because of this, his ranking has actually increased to number 10, which is a jump of 3 places from number 13. 

Nadal up to Number 3

Before I mention Nadal’s ranking change, I should probably mention his last tournament – Roland Garros. Rafa managed to pick up 2,000 points at the French Open, which boosted his ranking before Wimbledon. This was because he lost in the semi-final last year to Djokovic, so he gained points in Paris. With that said, he didn’t play Wimbledon last year due to injury. And thanks to this, his ranking has increased to number 3.

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