Most aces in tennis: All-time stats

In the realm of tennis, where every point is a battle and every stroke is a statement, one shot stands out as the epitome of individual prowess – the ace. The ace represents the pinnacle of serving excellence, a display of precision and power that often leaves opponents rooted to their spots, mere spectators to the trajectory of an untouchable ball.

Speed, precision, and strategy collide to showcase the essence of power and dominance. The ability to send a ball hurtling across the court, untouched by an opponent’s racket, is a testament to a player’s skill and mastery of their craft.

Sam Querrey
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Let’s embark on a journey through the annals of tennis history to explore the all-time ace statistics. It is all the more poignant to visit, as John Isner hangs up his boots at the culmination of the 2023 US Open.

We encounter a mosaic of players who have carved their names into the sport’s lore by mastering the art of the serve. From classic rivalries fueled by these untouchable shots to records that stand as testaments to years of dedication, the story of the most aces in tennis is a saga of unparalleled skill and lasting impact.

7. Sam Querrey – 8,879 aces across 694 matches

United States’ Sam Querrey has established himself as a formidable server in the modern era of tennis. His consistent delivery of aces has been a key component of his game, allowing him to dictate points from the very first shot. Querrey’s powerful serves have frequently troubled opponents and earned him a reputation as a player to watch out for in any match.

6. Andy Roddick – 9,074 aces across 776 matches

Andy Roddick
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American powerhouse Andy Roddick’s thunderous serve was one of his defining attributes on the tennis court. His record-breaking 2,017 aces in 2004, spanning 776 matches, is a testament to his ability to consistently hit the mark with power and precision. Roddick’s serve often acted as a weapon that set up his aggressive style of play, helping him secure a Grand Slam title and etch his name among the elite servers in the game.

5. Goran Ivanišević – 10,237 aces across 731 matches

Croatian tennis legend Goran Ivanišević made an indelible mark on the sport with his extraordinary serving prowess. He achieved a remarkable 1,477 aces in 1996, showcasing his dominance on the court. Ivanišević’s serve was characterized by its variety and unpredictability, making it challenging for opponents to anticipate his shots. His aggressive serve-and-volley approach, coupled with his remarkable ace count, earned him a place among the most memorable servers in tennis history.

4. Feliciano López – 10,261 aces across 976 matches

Spain’s Feliciano López has been a mainstay in the tennis world, recognized not only for his longevity but also for his adept serve. Over his 976 matches, López has amassed an impressive tally of aces. His serve’s effectiveness, combined with his proficiency on various surfaces, has allowed him to remain a competitive force on the tour. López’s consistency and dedication have solidified his status as one of the leading servers in the game.

3. Roger Federer – 11,478 aces across 1462 matches

Roger Federer
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The Swiss maestro, Roger Federer, known for his elegant and versatile playing style, is also among the all-time ace leaders. Federer’s 1,017 aces in 2004, during 1462 matches, underscore his well-rounded skill set that extends beyond his remarkable groundstrokes and net play. While his aces might not define his game like some other players on this list, Federer’s ability to consistently mix power with finesse in his serves has added yet another layer of dimension to his illustrious career.

2. Ivo Karlović – 13,728 aces across 694 matches

Croatian tennis giant Ivo Karlović boasts a career that has been punctuated by his prodigious serving ability. With a towering height of 6 feet 11 inches, Karlović possesses a serve that is often likened to a missile launch. In 2015, he fired an astonishing 1,447 aces across 694 matches, showcasing his penchant for leaving opponents helpless in the face of his thunderous serves. Karlović’s aces have not only propelled him up the all-time list but have also contributed to many memorable matches that highlight the potency of a well-executed serve.

1. John Isner – 14,411 aces across 770 matches

John Isner
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A towering figure in the world of tennis, John Isner, hailing from the United States, possesses one of the most feared serves in the game’s history. Standing at 6 feet 10 inches, Isner’s height advantage allows him to generate tremendous power, leading to an astonishing 1,260 aces in 2015 alone during 770 matches. His thunderous serves have consistently propelled him to the top of the ace leaderboard, making him a force to be reckoned with on the court. 

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