Magnificent Monfils – Can He Go All the Way in Indian Wells?

We all know Gael Monfils is an incredibly talented player. But in his match yesterday against Daniil Medvedev, he took his game to new levels. After dropping the opening set, Monfils flicked a switch and dismantled the world number one. He took the next two sets by 6-3 and 6-1. And in all honesty, I’ve never seen Medvedev look so out of ideas on a tennis court. Monfils was moving like a 20-year-old, striking the ball with incredible power, and naturally, he was as entertaining as ever.


Of course, after beating the top seed and the world’s number one, people are curious as to whether he could actually win the tournament. I certainly would not write this idea off, but I’ve provided my two cents on the possibility below.

Monfils for the Indian Wells Title?

Monfils might only be 28 in the world, but for me, he has been one of the most in-form players of 2022. This is all the more impressive when you consider that the guy is 35 years of age. People forget that he has actually only lost 2 matches all year. These came against Berrettini in the quarter-finals of Australia, and against Ymer in Montpellier. 

But besides the matches he has won and lost this year, there are other indicators that Monfils could well go all the way.

Mental State

This is something that many tennis fans don’t think about. However, if a player is having a hard time off the court, I can almost guarantee that they won’t be performing well on it. But with Monfils, there are things in his life that show he is in a great mental state. Of course, he has recently married Elina Svitolina, he has a great team around him, and let’s face it – he is in the twilight of his career. This shows that he is happy, relaxed, and he has nothing to lose out there on the court.


Another critical element when it comes to playing great tennis is a player’s overall confidence levels. Like most sports, a confident player can do miraculous things. Monfils has already shown this by beating Medvedev in his last match. And based on what I witnessed in that game, his confidence levels are through the roof. Sure, Monfils has always been a bit of a flashy player, but the shots that he was taking on (and making) were just extraordinary.

Playing Level

Finally, I have to mention the level of tennis that he is currently playing at. I cannot remember the last time I saw Monfils moving that well, hitting the ball that well, or looking like he was one of the best in the world in general. But against Medvedev, the level of tennis he was playing was just ridiculous. Bear in mind that Medvedev is one of the toughest guys to beat on tour.

And it is even tougher to beat him while dropping just a few games – ignoring the first set. So could Monfils go all the way? I don’t see why not!

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