Magic Musetti Earns First ATP Title in Hamburg

Lorenzo Musetti is a man that many tennis fans have been talking about over the last few years. At just 20 years of age, he has already been tipped as one of the next big players to emerge from the supposed ‘Next Gen’ group of stars. And to be honest, I tend to agree with the attitudes of the majority here. I believe that Musetti is an extremely talented guy with plenty in his locker. And at 20 years old, he has some substantial room for growth in his game which could lead to big things in the future.

Lorenzo Musetti Hamburg

However, I wanted to focus on his recent achievement here – the maiden ATP title for the young Italian. In yesterday’s final against Carlos Alcaraz, Musetti triumphed with some truly breathtaking tennis. Then again, it would have to be magnificent to beat a player like Carlos Alcaraz on the clay. Musetti overcame this huge challenge in a match that lasted only 15 mins shy of 3 hours. And for the duration of the match, these guys really did go toe to toe.

Personally, I loved watching the game, and I do believe that Musetti deserved to take the victory. So without further ado, let me give those who missed it the scoop!

Musetti Wins the Battle of the Youngsters in Germany

In all honesty, I expected Carlos Alcaraz to overcome Lorenzo Musetti in this final. But as we now know, Musetti managed to grab the win in one of the best matches of the season. This win has given Musetti his very first ATP title, and it has also catapulted him to number 31 in the rankings. At this rank, he is at his ‘career high’, and I have a feeling that a bright future is waiting for this man. Anyway, as promised, I want to now run through some key pointers from the game against Alcaraz yesterday:

Magnificent Mental Strength

I have listed this as one of the key three factors in his victory for a couple of reasons. Most obviously, to come out there and win the third set when you have failed to convert on five match points takes serious guts. Many players would crumble after letting such an opportunity slip by. But Musetti kept his cool and got the job done in the third. However, I’m also mentioning this because of his past too. 

He has blown a couple of big leads against high-profile opponents in the last year or two. So this may help him get over that mental hurdle.

Serious Agility and Shot Making

People always talk about the agility of Carlos Alcaraz. But after seeing Musetti on the court yesterday, I really don’t think he is that far behind the Spaniard in this department. Musetti was darting all over the court in this match, and he was dangerous on the run throughout. Speaking of his dangerous shots, the shot selection and execution that he came up with repeatedly were fantastic to see. So I’m not all that surprised that he came away with the victory given the way that he performed out there.

And I sincerely hope that we get to see more battles between these two in the near future.

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