Lleyton Hewitt Makes Hall of Fame – His Inspiring Story

Remember Lleyton Hewitt? If so, you may remember him as this scrappy Australian player with a rather big attitude. He could run around the court all day long, and his fighting spirit was up there with the very best athletes. I don’t just mean this for tennis either – he would be up there with the legends of the sport in general! Hewitt was a man that never surrendered, never gave up, and his relentlessness has led to his induction into the Hall of Fame just a few days ago.

Lleyton Hewitt Hall of Fame

Of course, the International Hall of Fame is pretty much the highest accolade that one can achieve in the sport of tennis. And by receiving such an honour, Hewitt has joined some of the legends of our sport. Names such as Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Gustavo Kuerten, and many others are right there with him. And for Lleyton Hewitt, this is a dream come true. 

Therefore, I wanted to pay a little tribute to the great Australian, especially since he was one of my idols as a kid! So without further ado, let us take a quick journey back through the career and achievements of Lleyton Hewitt.

The Achievements of Lleyton Hewitt – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Lleyton Hewitt wasn’t the biggest, strongest, or most talented guy on tour during his time. In fact, it was his sheer grit and determination which led to many of his successes. This is something that I always admired about him. He would give it his all no matter how bleak things may have seemed, which is why many people still refer to him as the ultimate competitor. And his career successes were clearly many, as detailed here:

Two Grand Slam Titles

Hewitt managed to win two Grand Slam titles during his career. These came at the Wimbledon Championships in 2002, and he won the US Open before that in 2001. To be perfectly honest, he could have won many more if it wasn’t for a certain guy named Roger Federer. So some might say that he rose to the top at the exact wrong time. But hey – we cannot change history. Hewitt also made the final of the US Open again in 2004, followed by the final of the Australian Open in 2005. 

Youngest World Number One

To this day, Lleyton Hewitt is still the youngest world number one that there has ever been. He managed to achieve this back in 2001, while he was just 20 years and 9 months old. Bear in mind that I am referencing the Open Era here. But still, this is a massive achievement. And not even guys like Federer, Djokovic, or Nadal were able to equal such a feat. 

30 Career Titles

When all was said and done, Hewitt amassed 30 career titles, which is seriously impressive. Of these 30 titles, two of them were Grand Slams, as you’ve seen above. And two of them were ATP Masters 1000 titles, which are pretty tough to win! So really, Hewitt had one of the most decorated careers that we have witnessed in recent times. And for me, he truly deserves to be inducted into the International Hall of Fame for tennis. 

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Gavin Davison

Gavin is a full-time copywriter based in the United Kingdom. He has previously played NCAA college tennis in the USA and competed in many international events throughout his younger days. He still plays competitively and follows both the ATP & WTA Tours closely. His favourite player is Roger Federer.