Laver Cup 2023 withdrawals – big names drop out of much-loved event

As far as team events go, the Laver Cup has grown in popularity to such a point that now it rivals the Davis Cup. Of course, the two events are totally independent from one another, and they do operate differently. However, there is something truly special and unique about the Laver Cup when compared to the Davis Cup. For starters, you can have guys from different countries competing on the same team. Adding to that, the guys involved might never compete side by side in any other tournament. So it’s cool to see them cheering for each other rather than trying to beat each other for a change.

At the same time, thanks to the progressive structure of the Laver Cup, this short event typically produces some of the most entertaining and dramatic tennis of the season. Naturally, the Laver Cup 2023 promises to be no different from previous editions. But with this said, there is a bit of a dark cloud over the Laver Cup this year in terms of the associated players for Team Europe. Specifically, two of the initial six players on the roster have withdrawn, which has resulted in two alternates being added to the team to make up the numbers.

Laver Cup 2023 withdrawals

As for who these 2023 Laver Cup withdrawals are, the two guys who have pulled out include Holger Rune and Stefanos Tsitsipas. You are no doubt familiar with these guys as they are both ranked inside the ATP top 10. However, neither player has deemed themself fit enough to be able to compete at the 2023 Laver Cup, which is a huge shame for the other players as well as the fans. But what lies behind the withdrawals?

Let me provide an overview right now.

2023 Laver Cup withdrawals – Team Europe missing Rune and Tsitsipas

It goes without saying that when your top two guys withdraw from the team in quick succession, things clearly aren’t going too smoothly. Yet for the 2023 Laver Cup, Team Europe’s captain, Bjorn Borg, has been quick to respond and add two respectable alternates. With that said, Tsitsipas is currently ranked 5 in the world, while Rune is ranked 4 in the world. This has put a bit of a gaping hole in the roster for Team Europe, and it creates a huge opportunity for Team World to win the Laver Cup for a second year running. 

For those who are interested, the 2023 Laver Cup begins on Friday, September 22nd. Yet before the event begins, as promised, I would like to provide the details for the recent Laver Cup 2023 withdrawals.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Laver Cup withdrawal details

It’s been a rather tame end to the summer season for Stefanos Tsitsipas. Sure, his ranking is still great since he is a top-five player, yet this is a guy who is chasing high-profile tournament victories. Anything less just isn’t good enough by his own standards, and the early exit from the 2023 US Open no doubt hurt the talented Greek player. Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse for Tsitsipas too, as he couldn’t help Greece advance in the recent Davis Cup matches last week. 

In the process, he has suffered another injury blow that has caused him to become one of the 2023 Laver Cup withdrawals. And with Tsitsipas being ranked 5 in the world, just one spot behind Holger Rune, this has pushed the other guys up the lineup. 

Holger Rune Laver Cup withdrawal reason

While Holger Rune has enjoyed a fantastic 2023 season, his demanding schedule has evidently taken its toll on his body in recent months. In fact, he has barely won a match since mid-way through the summer. And if you’ve tuned in to watch his matches, he really has looked burned out, both physically and mentally. This was on show for the world to see when he put in a poor performance at the US Open just a few weeks ago. Adding to that, what many suspected during that match was confirmed shortly afterward – Rune had an injury that prevented him from competing as he would have liked.

This was an injury to his back, and since he is still undergoing treatment, he has withdrawn from the 2023 Laver Cup as a result.

Replacements for these guys

Now for the replacements who will take the place of these 2023 Laver Cup withdrawals. Stepping in for Team Europe are two French players – one a rookie, and one a legend of the sport. These guys are Arthur Fils and Gael Monfils, two guys ranked 44 and 35 (PR) in the world. For me, these are solid replacements, but whether they can help Team Europe take the crown remains to be seen!

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