Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022 Preview

The former British number one tennis player – Johanna Konta, has set the standard for British women in tennis. Although her career was not open to winning many major titles, she has made an incredible impact that deserves all the accolades. The 31-year-old career is marked with four single major titles for WTA and 11 titles for ITF. Therefore, the need to look into Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022 is essential as the competition begins on Monday, June 27.

The 135th edition of the most prominent tennis competition promises to be an exciting event. This year’s tournament will feature experienced players such as Johanna Konta. Follow along as we provide you with the complete Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022 Preview.

Johanna Konta Recent Form

The break out of Johanna Konta in the 2016 Australian Open was truly remarkable as she brought back the British tennis female glory. She made a mark by repeating the form of the classic Jo Durie, who holds a record for being the first British woman to make it to that stage. Johanna’s Wimbledon performance has been truly outstanding in the past. Her 2017 last-four finish at Wimbledon sprouts good hope for Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022.

With many predictions of Konta’s performance last year, it was unfortunate to discover she could not participate. She was due to play the Czech Katerina Siniakova in the first event round. However, contact with a sick spouse exposed her to the dangers of pandemics, and therefore isolation was required. For the past few years, Konta has been consistent in the top flight of tennis, giving the British fans all the needed hope. However, Injuries like tendinitis have drastically reduced her overall points. Konta then faced the need to miss the Olympics, and Wimbledon was necessary.

While Johanna Konta’s career went a little subtle, British players like Emma Raducanu rose to the spotlight. Moreover, Konta’s declining career phase did not significantly affect her desire to play. On the contrary, she expressed how playing at the Wimbledon is a significant part of her life in an interview in 2021. The athletes may not possess fans pulling power like Andy Murray or Emma Raducanu, but she is a great sensation. Her career alongside Tim Henman, a semi-finalist, remains unforgettable.

Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022

What Fans Should Expect From Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022

Johanna Konta undoubtedly sought to return to the limelight with the upcoming championship. She has constantly expressed motives to continue playing at the top level through the media. Her wins in ITF games are solid reasons to expect a big performance from Johanna. In addition, Johanna has played in several cities, including Jackson, Mississippi, and Alabama. Therefore her wealth of experience would be an excellent display at the tournament. In 2020 Johanna Konsa’s yearly rating was 14th in the world. Sadly that rating drops to 111, where she stands as of the writing of this article. Remarkable 3r once and 2r twice in 2020, and we expect her to pull the exact string when she plays in Wimbledon this year.

Johanna Konta Retirement Plans

Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022 may end a true Hungarian-British female international tennis era. She has previously mentioned her desire to quit tennis and focus on her personal life. She also added that she wishes to start a family and does not plan to mix the responsibilities of raising children with her tennis career. Therefore there is a need to quit playing and focus on the family setup. Moreover, Raducanu’s performance at the US Open in 2021 has ended Konta’s reign as the leading female British tennis player. The teenager’s glory now overtakes her run of almost six years. However, as her recent forms dropped, many British fans are no longer enticed with Konta’s performance. Furthermore, Konta claimed that the responsibility to lead British women’s tennis was never hers. She added that she was only a part of the crew and not meant to be the leader. Consequently, if speculations about Johanna Konta are true, it may be her last competition.

Final Verdict

Johanna Konta’s run as the leading British women’s tennis player is now at the lowest edge. However, the 31-year-old tennis player’s career has been exciting, with 4 WTA Singles and other ITF awards. Moreover, with the championship soon to come, tennis fans are curious about how Konta will play in the tournament. Consequently, as of the writing of this article, Johanna Konta Wimbledon 2022 is in doubt as she expresses a desire to start a family.