Jessica Pegula net worth 2023: Is the US tennis star really a billionaire?

America’s Number One female tennis player and world number 4 Jessica Pegula is also known worldwide as “the world’s richest tennis player”. Despite her solid results and successes on the tennis court a lot more headlines when it comes to Pegula’s focus on her family’s wealth. But is Jessica Pegula a billionaire? How much is her net worth?

Jessica Pegula Net Worth
Jessica Pegula after winning her match against Cristina Bucsa (not pictured) on day four of the 2023 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon. Picture date: Thursday July 6, 2023. – Photo by Icon sport

Jessica Pegula comes from a sports family, but a sporting family of a different kind. Her parents own multiple sport teams, including the NFL giants Buffalo Bills and the NHL Buffalo Sabers. Jessica is seen as the main heiress of the $6.7 billion fortune her parents Terry and Kim Pegula have built. She is an avid Buffalo Bills fan too and is often seen on the stadium supporting them.

What Jessica Pegula says about the label “the richest tennis player in the world”?

For years the label “world’s richest tennis player” was attached to Jessica Pegula by the media. Pegula herself avoided questions about that for a very long time. She eventually talked openly about all this right before the start of the 2023 Wimbledon.

Talking to the media she was asked how she feels being dubbed the world’s richest tennis player and after a short laugh this is what Pegula’s answer was: “People say that. I personally don’t have that money. It’s probably my dad’s or my parents’. My family obviously is pretty well-known back in America,” she said, adding that it “is what it is”. It doesn’t really bother me. It would be nice if people didn’t say that. But do I really care? I mean, not really. I don’t really think it matters how much money you have.”

She even threw in a joke when asked if she will trade some of her dad’s incredible wealth for a triumph at Wimbledon: “It would be great to win Wimbledon because then I would also have a lot of money from winning Wimbledon,”

Is Jessica Pegula a billionaire?

Jessica Pegula herself is far from a billionaire. However, she is seen as the main heiress of her parents’ $6.7 billion fortune so in more broad terms the only answer to that is both yes and no. As much as Jessica Pegula’s net worth right now is far from being close to a billion she has guaranteed billionaire status attached to her name in the future as the main heiress of a vast wealth.

What is Jessica Pegula’s net worth?

According to the latest tax documents and other financial statements Jessica Pegula and her husband Taylor Gahagen have a net worth of around $14 million. So far, from her tennis career Pegula has won just shy of $9.2 million. Jessica Pegula’s net worth is not made up only of her tennis endorsements though. She has a multi-million contract with Adidas and also together with her husband she has launched a successful skincare brand named Ready24.

Jess Pegula + dog
Photo : SUSA / Icon Sport

Pegula has other passions too. She’s an avid dog lover and again in partnership with her husband, she co-owns the non-profit charity “A Lending Paw” that connects people with rescued and trained service animals.

Jessica Pegula’s net worth is certain to remain a topic for discussion and with Pegula guaranteed to inherit at least $1.5 billion from her parents we can safely say that Jessica and her husband Taylor’s futures are pretty much secured financially already.

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