Is del Potro Really About to Retire From the Game?

Juan Martin del Potro has been one of the most loved players on tour. The gentle giant has been ranked as high as number 3 in the world during his day. But in recent years, injuries have plagued his ability to keep competing. Currently, his ranking has slipped all the way down to 757 (February 2022). This is clearly quite a fall from grace. He has endured several surgeries of late in an effort to get back to the sport. But in a recent press conference, it seems that he is planning to retire.


Many were excited with the news that he would be back playing in February 2022. He is still scheduled to play both Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. And these are the first events he has played since 2019. However, in a teary press conference given just days ago, it looks like it won’t be a fairy tale comeback for the mighty Argentine.

The del Potro Retirement – All but Confirmed

Del Potro has long been one of the most feared opponents on the ATP Tour. He is a simply enormous hitter of the ball. And those who follow tennis closely will remember his US Open triumph back in 2009, becoming the first man to defeat both Nadal and Federer in the same Slam. He has enjoyed great success in his career by all accounts, but sadly, it seems like those successes won’t be replicated. 

del Potro

Del Potro has recently stated that the tournaments in Rio and Buenos Aires could be his last. And if I’m being honest, I do believe this will come true for the following reasons:

Nagging Knee Injury

This guy has had more than his fair share of injuries to deal with over the years. But of the many injuries he’s suffered, the knee injury has been the worst. He has actually endured four surgeries since he left the ATP Tour in 2019, which puts him ahead of even Federer! In his press conference, he states that his knee causes him pain when sleeping, and he cannot even complete a three-hour drive without stopping to stretch his leg.

The Current Level of Pain

In a similar fashion to Andy Murray, del Potro stated that the level of pain he is in is ruining his quality of life. He stated that he is constantly taking painkillers to help relieve the pain he is in. And one has to wonder, much like Murray said a few years ago – at what point does one say that the pain just isn’t worth it? 

The Stage of His Career

Del Potro is turning 34 years old this September. So as you can see, he’s not exactly a spring chicken. In fact, it’s fair to say that he is in the twilight of his career. Sure, other guys like Nadal and Djokovic are still defying the odds in their mid-30s. But given the injuries, the constant pain, and the slip in his ranking, it all points to retirement, in my personal opinion. 

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