Is Alex Zverev Playing the 2023 Australian Open?

As many of you will know, Alex Zverev has been out of action since his horror injury at Roland Garros 2022. During his battle against Rafael Nadal, he suffered a horrible ankle injury in which he tore many ligaments in the joint. This injury forced him to pretty much pull out of the remainder of the 2022 season. Of course, this meant that Zverev missed out on Wimbledon, the US Open, and many Masters 1000 events.

But at the time of writing, Zverev has actually returned to the practice courts. The media have snapped shots of Zverev on the practice courts and he has posted quite a few things on social media regarding his return too. Since Alex Zverev is certainly one of the best in the business on his day, this is something that fans are understandably getting excited about. Yet one question is pressing slightly more than the rest.

Alex Zverev Australian Open 2023

Will Alex Zverev actually be involved in the Australian Open 2023? I believe that the answer is yes, and there are two key reasons behind this answer. 

Zverev Ready for Return at Australian Open 2023

Based on what I’ve seen recently surrounding Zverev and his return to competitive tennis, I am inclined to say that yes, Zverev will be back for the Australian Open. Now, before people think that this is just a random guess, there are reasons to justify the answer here. And I’ve broken down the two key reasons for why I think that Alex Zverev will be involved in the Australian Open below:

He Is on the Entrants List for the Tournament

If you are to hazard a guess at whether someone will be playing any tournament on tour, it’s a good idea to check the entry list. And on the official Australian Open site, Alex Zverev’s name is right there among many others. So of course, this shows that he has the intention to actually compete in Melbourne. I say this despite the fact that there are still a few question marks as to whether he will be 100% fit and ready to play.

Then again, this isn’t something that will be known until we actually see him out there on the match courts. After all, simply hitting balls on the practice court and going out there to compete against the best in the world are two different beasts. 

Zverev Is Down to Play the United Cup

Besides the fact that his name is on the entrant’s list, there is another intriguing reason behind my thoughts here. As you may or may not know, a new mixed-gender event has come to both the ATP and WTA Tours for 2023. This event is called the United Cup, and it is a team event that has both males and females competing. The United Cup is starting on December 29th, and it will run until January 8th.

Of course, each national team needs to list their players before all of the action begins. And when you look at the list of players for Germany, Alex Zverev is right there. 

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