International Tennis Hall of Fame – Class of 2024: Voting open now!

Are you familiar with the International Tennis Hall of Fame? This is essentially the honor roll of those who have made major contributions to the sport while achieving great things in tennis in general. It’s a very prestigious honor roll that consists of many famous names in tennis. Names like Billy Jean King, Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova, and many others. And for the 2024 International Tennis Hall of Fame selections, you can have your say over who gets added to this exclusive list.

International Tennis Hall of Fame 2024

That’s right – fan voting is officially open for what is being dubbed as the ‘Class of 2024’, and there is a select pool of players who you can vote for. Of course, this isn’t mandatory whatsoever, but it gives avid tennis fans a chance to have their say in what ultimately gets added to the history of the game. For me, this is a pretty cool thing, yet since we all get just one vote, it’s important to choose wisely!

Anyway, if you are curious about the International Tennis Hall of Fame, how the voting works, and who the candidates are for 2024 – I encourage you to keep reading.

2024 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductees

Before I get to the voting process for the Class of 2024, I figured it’s important for you to know exactly who the nominees are. This way, you can already start deliberating who you might like to vote for. So with that in mind, let me take a moment to discuss the inductees for the International Tennis Hall of Fame right now.

Carlos Moya

You may know Carlos Moya as the coach of Rafael Nadal. However, those who are old enough might recall that Carlos Moya was world number one back in the day. This Spaniard was one of the smoothest guys on the ball that I’ve seen, and he did win Roland Garros back in 1998. In fact, before Rafael Nadal burst onto the scene, tennis fans would have understandably considered Moya to be one of the best clay court players of that decade. 

Daniel Nestor

While Carlos Moya dominated the game in singles play, Daniel Nestor was the complete opposite. He was a formidable doubles player, winning a total of 12 Grand Slam titles split between mixed doubles and men’s doubles. Of course, he was subsequently world number 1 in the doubles rankings during his time. And for the International Tennis Hall of Fame vote this year, Nestor is flying the flag for Canada.

Leander Paes

Sticking with doubles players, Leander Paes is another candidate to be inducted for the Class of 2024. In fact, Paes has made history here by simply being nominated for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. He is officially the first Asian man that has been put forward as a nominee for the International Tennis Hall of Fame, which is quite something. Then again, since he was a world number 1 in doubles, and because he won 18 Grand Slam trophies in his career between mixed and men’s doubles, he deserves it.

Cara Black

Cara Black is the third candidate for the Class of 2024 who was primarily a doubles player. Specifically, the player from Zimbabwe has been nominated due to her string of 10 Grand Slam titles, earned through a combination of mixed and women’s doubles titles. Much like the previous guys, Black was also the world number 1 in her prime.

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic was the darling of the tennis world when she was at the top of her game. This Serbian was ranked number 1 in the world as her career best, and she managed to win Roland Garros in 2008. Such achievements have earned her a shot at being inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame for 2024.

Flavia Pennetta

Last but not least, Flavia Pennetta is flying the flag for Italy this year. Pennetta won the US Open in 2015, and she was a pretty handy doubles player too. In fact, she was ranked as high as number 1 in the doubles standings during her career.

Having your say in the International Tennis Hall of Fame vote for 2024

To clarify, you can vote for any of the six players mentioned above. However, as referenced previously, you get just one vote, so make it count! As for how you can vote, this is done online, and you can follow this link to have your say. Your vote is then combined with the votes from the ‘Official Voting Group’ to produce bonus points for the players with the most fan votes. And ultimately, if a player receives more than 75 percent of the vote from these categories, they will be added to the International Tennis Hall of Fame – pretty cool!

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