Indian Wells Prize Money – How Much Will the 2023 Winners Get?

Eager to find out more concerning Indian Wells prize money for 2023? I’ve given you the complete rundown right here.

Prize Money Indian Wells 2023 – What’s on Offer?

The first Masters 1000 event of the year is about to begin for the men. As for the women, this is actually the second Masters 1000 event of the 2023 season. That’s because the WTA Tour plays host to one Masters 1000 event in Dubai in February. Anyway, that’s just to give you an idea of the excitement surrounding this tournament. Yet besides the excitement for the tennis itself, there is a fair bit of excitement surrounding the Indian Wells prize money this year.

Indian Wells Prize Money 2023

With a prize pool that stands at $17.6 million spread throughout all events, including men’s and women’s events, the 2023 Indian Wells tournament is the biggest ever. On that note, I’d like to give you some specifics concerning the prize money for this tournament before the action begins.

BNP Paribas Prize Money – Men’s Singles

The reason that I’ve labeled this as the ‘BNP Paribas prize money’ is purely for sponsorship reasons, as it’s BNP Paribas that is sponsoring the event. And it would seem that there is a fair bit of generosity floating around for the 2023 tournament. Specifically for the men’s singles event, the total prize pool is $8,800,000. This is split through both the men’s singles and men’s doubles events, with the winner of the singles set to take home $1,262,220. 

Of course, that’s a huge sum of money. But to complement the enormous paycheck, the winner will also get 1000 ATP points due to the grading of Indian Wells. After all, it is a Masters 1000 and Indian Wells format is the same as for other events of that size.

Indian Wells Prize Money 2023 – Men’s Doubles

As mentioned above, the men’s doubles is an event that is involved in the $8,800,000 prize pool this year. However, as is commonly the case with other ATP tournaments around the world, the winners of the doubles event don’t get as much as the singles winners. In fact, the winners of the men’s doubles event must share a total cash prize of $436,730. When you break this down into a shared pot between the winning pair, this means that they each receive $218,365. This is clearly far less than the winners of the men’s singles event – more than 5x less!

However, things are perfectly equal when it comes to points, as the winning pair do get 1000 points, even if they receive less prize money than the singles winner.

Women’s Singles – Indian Wells Prize Money 2023

Moving onto the women’s singles event now, there is good news for people who are eager to see equal pay, as many of us are. While this isn’t the first time that this has happened, the Indian Wells prize money for the women’s tournaments is exactly the same as the men’s tournaments. As a refresher, this means that the prize pool for the Indian Wells women’s events is also $8,800,000. And not only is the prize pool identical to the men’s events, but the prize money breakdown is also identical.

So to clarify, the winner of the women’s singles at the 2023 Indian Wells event will also get a paycheck that is worth $1,262,220. Also, since it’s a 1000-level event on the WTA Tour, the winner is awarded 1000 rankings points too, which is certainly great news for the main favourites based on Indian Wells odds.

Women’s Doubles – Prize Money Indian Wells 2023

The last of the events that I must draw attention to for 2023 is the women’s doubles event. And when you look at the prize pool, to stress once again, the total amount of money in the pot is the same as it is for the men’s doubles event. But specifically, the winning pair in the women’s doubles event will receive a paycheck worth $436,730. To remind you all, this isn’t the value that each player within the pair takes home. Instead, the paycheck is split equally between the two players – assuming they actually agree to split the pot!

So when you divide the total value of this paycheck into two, that means that each player in the winning duo takes home $218,365. And the last thing I wish to stress is that the total points available for the women’s doubles event is also 1000 for the winners. This is exactly the same as the men’s doubles event. 

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