Hamburg Open Prize Money – How Much Will the 2023 Winners Get?

As one of the oldest and most esteemed tournaments on the ATP Tour 500 and WTA Tour 250, the Hamburg Open carries a long-standing tradition of attracting top talent from around the globe. Much like the Wimbledon Championships, this annual clay-court extravaganza offers players a chance to secure significant earnings that can serve as a stepping stone towards further success in their careers.

As the Hamburg Open 2023 draws near, players and fans alike eagerly anticipate not only the exhilarating on-court action but also the lucrative rewards that await the champions. Like other prestigious tennis events, the Hamburg Open boasts a substantial prize money pool, creating an enticing opportunity for competitors to not only etch their names in history but also bolster their finances.

Stay tuned as we reveal the impressive prize money figures awaiting the singles champions, doubles victors, and other notable performances at the 2023 Hamburg Open. From the grand champions to those who make their mark on the opening rounds, Hamburg Open promises a fair and generous distribution of prize money, recognizing the dedication and talent showcased by the players throughout the event.

ATP 500 Hamburg Open – Men’s Singles

As the competition unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing yet another enthralling battle for supremacy and a lucrative financial reward at the 2023 Hamburg Open. Last year’s Hamburg Open final witnessed an epic clash between two rising stars of tennis, Lorenzo Musetti and Carlos Alcaraz.

In a thrilling showdown, Musetti emerged victorious, claiming the winner’s prize of €333,125. However, this year’s Hamburg Open champion will be even more generously rewarded, taking home a grand prize of €342,500. With a 2.8% increase in prize money compared to last year’s winner, the current champion will not only etch their name in the tournament’s history but also solidify their position among the top contenders on the ATP Tour.

  • Winner: €342,500 / 500 ATP points
  • Runner-up: €184,285 / 300 ATP points
  • Semifinalists: €98,215 / 180 ATP points
  • Quarterfinalists: €50,180 / 90 ATP points
  • Round 2: €26,790 / 45 ATP points
  • Round 1: €14,285 / 20 ATP points
  • Q2: €7,320 / 10 ATP points
  • Q1: €4,105 / 0 ATP points
Hamburg Open
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WTA 250 – Women’s Singles

The Hamburg Open’s WTA Total Prize Money has seen a steady and remarkable increase in recent years, reflecting its status as a highly anticipated event on the women’s tennis calendar. In 2023, the total prize money reaches €225,480, marking an impressive 11.06% growth from the previous year’s €203,024.

The prize money breakdown for the 2023 WTA Singles demonstrates a generous boost compared to the previous year. The winner of the women’s singles event will be awarded €29,760, a significant 11.2% increase from 2022.

  • Winner: €29,760 / 280 WTA points
  • Runner-up: €17,590 / 180 WTA points
  • Semifinalists: €9,810 / 110 WTA points
  • Quarterfinalists: €5,580 / 60 WTA points
  • Round 2: €3,410 / 30 WTA points
  • Round 1: €2,438 / 15 WTA points
  • Qualifying Round 2 (Q2): €1,804 / 8 WTA points
  • Qualifying Round 1 (Q1): €1,164 / 0 WTA points

ATP Men’s Doubles 

In 2023, the prize money for the ATP Doubles category witnesses an encouraging 3.4% increase for the winners and runners-up compared to the previous year, setting the stage for intense competition and rewarding outstanding teamwork.

  • Winner: €112,500 / 500 ATP doubles points
  • Runner-up: €59,990 / 300 ATP doubles points
  • Semifinalists: €30,350 / 180 ATP doubles points
  • Quarterfinalists: €15,180 / 90 ATP doubles points
  • Round 1: €7,860 / 45 ATP doubles point
Hamburg Open
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WTA Women’s Doubles

The prize money for the WTA doubles event has witnessed substantial growth in 2023, marking an 11.78% increase for the winners and an impressive 12.78% increase for the runners-up compared to the previous year.

  • Winner: €10,820 / 280 WTA doubles points
  • Runner-up: €6,090 / 180 WTA doubles points
  • Semifinalists: €3,504 / 110 WTA doubles points
  • Quarterfinalists: €2,086 / 60 WTA doubles points
  • Round 1: €1,606 / 30 WTA doubles points

Hamburg Open Prize Money History

The Hamburg European Open continues to evolve, attracting top ATP and WTA players and showcasing exhilarating matches. With its commitment to enhancing the total prize money, the tournament solidifies its place as an essential and prestigious event on the global tennis calendar, providing an exciting platform for both men’s and women’s tennis talent.

Fluctuations in the total prize money over the past five years have been witnessed. In 2023, the tournament’s total prize money reached €1,831,515, marking a modest increase of 3.4% compared to the previous year. The year 2022 saw a remarkable surge in total prize money, as it reached €1,770,865, indicating an impressive 71.8% increase from the preceding year.

In 2021, the total prize money experienced a slight dip, standing at €1,030,900, marking a decrease of 3.0%. The year 2020 witnessed a more substantial decline in total prize money, as it reached €1,062,520, showing a decrease of 38.2%. Looking back to 2019, the Hamburg Open experienced growth, boasting total prize money of €1,718,170, which reflected a commendable 6.1% increase.

On the other hand, in its inaugural year in 2021, the Hamburg Open WTA event offered a prize money pool of €189,708, and a year later, it showcased a commendable 7.02% increase with a combined offer of €203,024 in 2022. In 2023, the Hamburg Open WTA event saw a noteworthy rise in its total prize money, reaching €225,480, which indicates an impressive 11.06% increase from the previous year.

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