Halle Open Doubles 2023: Contenders, Odds, and Predictions

Ready for what promises to be an entertaining tournament in the build-up to Wimbledon 2023? I certainly am. Of course, I’m talking about the Halle Open doubles tournament here, and this event is set to begin on Monday, June 19th. Right before I get into the specifics of this one, however, I wish to clarify a few quick details. 

This event is also known as the Terra Wortmann Open doubles tournament, so I shall be referencing both names throughout. Additionally, this is an ATP 500 event that is played on grass. The draw size is reasonably small too, with just 16 teams in total taking part. Since this is a doubles event, this means that there are 32 players in total who are involved in the Halle Open doubles competition.

Halle Open Doubles

Anyway, there’s your rundown of what’s coming up this week. But now, it’s time to move on to discuss the favourites, their odds, and for those who are interested – I will be providing regular predictions as an added bonus too. All of this can be viewed through the information contained within.

Halle Open Doubles – June 25th Updates

Ready to tune in for the final of the Terra Wortmann Open doubles event today? I certainly am, and the title is wide open for either of the unseeded finalists to go and snatch it. On that note, it’s been a highly engaging tournament so far, and I don’t see the final being anything but entertaining. Both of the pairs involved are capable of producing top-level doubles, and they have definitely earned their spot in the championship game. As for which way the match between Melo/Peers and Bolelli/Vavassori might swing, I’ve given my predictions for you below.

Yet right before I show you what to bet on and why, I’d like to provide a reminder of the match results that have led to this final.

Interesting Results – June 24th

Because one of the semi-finals was played on June 23rd, there was just one semi-final match played in the Halle Open doubles tournament yesterday. This was the match played between the German wildcards and the unseeded Brazilian/Australian combo in the form of Melo/Peers. Here’s how the match went down for those who missed it:

  • Melo/Peers beat Otte/Struff (German Wildcards) – 7-6 7-6

Terra Wortmann Open Doubles – Finals Day Predictions

It’s fair to say that both pairs involved in the final today have battled to reach this point. The Italian duo has won two matches in third-set tie-breaks, and the same is true for Melo/Peers. So who has the capability to capture the title today? Here is my prediction:

  • Melo/Peers to beat Bolelli/Vavassori – 13/20 Odds

I’m going for Melo/Peers because they are a more established partnership, first and foremost. In addition, I was impressed with how they composed themselves and played the big points against Otte/Struff yesterday. 

Terra Wortmann Open Doubles – June 23rd Updates

Given that we are heading into the weekend in this particular event, this means we are officially at the business end of the tournament. And at the time of writing, we already know one of the finalists who will compete for the title on Sunday. However, the other semi-final match is still to be played, so we do not yet know who the two finalists will be. Of course, this means that there is still one match to be played before the championship game unfolds.

And if you haven’t been tracking the results of the Halle Open doubles event in the last 24/48 hours, I’d like to give you a refresher right now. Once that’s been done, as always, I’ve shared my predictions for the upcoming day as well. 

Interesting Results – June 22nd/23rd

Over the last 48 hours, we have witnessed both quarter-final and semi-final matches take place at the Terra Wortmann Open doubles tournament. During this period, we’ve seen that the top seeds have been put out by the German wildcards, and we’ve seen Melo/Peers win back-to-back matches in a Championship tie-break. 

It really has been immensely entertaining, and I’ve detailed the key results for you below:

  • Melo/Peers beat Jarry/Matos – June 22nd
  • Demoliner/Mies beat Lammons/Withrow – June 22nd
  • Otte/Struff beat Arevalo/Rojer (1st seeds) – June 23rd
  • Bolelli/Vavassori beat Demoliner/Mies – June 23rd

Predictions for Saturday, June 24th

Because one of the semi-final matches was actually played today, there is just one doubles event on the schedule for Saturday, June 24th. And for those of you who are hoping to find out where to place your wagers for this clash, here is my prediction:

  • Otte/Struff to beat Melo/Peers – 13/20 Odds

It’s hard to go against a pair that has the home fans at their backs. It’s even harder to go against the pair that has just taken out the top seeds in the previous round too. So for me, I am shooting for the German wildcards to beat their opponents and make it to the finals. 

Halle Open Doubles – June 22nd Updates

With each passing day, the Halle Open doubles event is getting smaller and smaller. Of course, this is perfectly normal in the world of knockout tennis events, as the draw size halves with each progressive around. And specifically for Thursday, June 22nd, which marks the start of the quarter-finals, just 8 teams are left in the draw. Most interestingly, only one of the four seeded pairs made it to the quarter-finals of the Terra Wortmann Open doubles event this year. This seeded partnership is Arevalo/Rojer, who are the top seeds to capture the title in 2023.

Anyway, it’s time to get specific now concerning the results that occurred yesterday and what your best bets are for the games today. Let me reveal such details right now.

Interesting Results – Wednesday, June 21st

In total, there were three matches played at the Halle Open on Wednesday, June 21st. Of the three matches that were held, there were a couple of very interesting results that came through. Specifically, there were two wildcards who managed to secure big wins over quite formidable opponents. Here are the results in case you missed them:

  • Otte/Struff (wildcards) beat Hurkacz/Sinner
  • Demoliner/Mies (wildcards) beat Krawietz/Puetz (4th seeds)

Given that this tournament is played in Germany, it was clear that the partnership of Otte/Struff used the crowd perfectly to gain an edge over Hurkacz/Sinner. They pulled through this one by a score of 10-7 in the Championship tie-break. As for the other result, Demoliner/Mies managed to overcome the 4th seeds in straight sets, setting up a clash with Lammons/Withrow in the quarters.

Predictions for Thursday, June 22nd

Of the several matches that are taking place in the Halle Open doubles tournament today, I believe that one particular game shows the best value. By this, I mean the most favorable odds that can be locked in given the realistic chances of that respective market pulling through. And on that note, here is my number one pick for Thursday, June 22nd:

  • Melo/Peers to beat Jarry/Matos – 8/15 Odds

With Melo/Peers beating the 3rd seeds in the previous round, they are obviously confident and playing solid tennis. As for Jarry/Matos, they beat an unseeded pairing in the previous round by a score of 13-11 in the Championship tie-break.

Terra Wortmann Open Doubles – June 21st Updates

The Halle Open doubles event is well underway at this point, with around half of the first-round matches played already. Of course, this means that there are many first-round matches coming up over the next 24 hours. Speaking of which, I’ve supplied my top predictions for these matches below, which you can wager on if you act quickly. Yet before I get to that, in case you missed the Terra Wortmann Open doubles games from yesterday, let me share what went down.

Interesting Results – Tuesday, June 20th

When I say ‘interesting results’, I really mean it in this case. At the Halle Open yesterday, two of the four top seeds crashed out of the tournament. This included the 2nd seeds, Granollers/Zeballos, who lost to Olivetti/Vega Hernandez in a very tight three-setter. And it also included the 3rd seeds, Gille/Vliegen, who lost in three sets to the duo of Melo/Peers. 

Needless to say, this has busted the Halle Open doubles draw wide open, yet the other top seeds are due to play today.

Predictions for Wednesday, June 21st

All of the remaining first-round matches are scheduled to be held today at the Terra Wortmann Open doubles tournament. But having analyzed the matches and investigated the odds, the following two predictions sport the best value:

  • Otte/Struff to beat Hurkacz/Sinner – 3/4 Odds
  • Rojer/Arevalo to beat Griekspoor/Haase – 2/5 Odds

I believe that Otte/Struff will use the home crowd to their advantage and ride the wave to take down Hurkacz/Sinner, first and foremost. And following that, I’m sticking with the top seeds to beat Griekspoor/Haase, especially with 2/5 odds on the table.

Halle Open Doubles – Major Contenders

In almost all tournaments, the idea of ‘major contenders’ coincides with the top seeds. Therefore, as you’ve no doubt gleaned from this statement, the top Halle Open seeds are essentially the tournament favourites by default. Of course, this means that by looking at the top seeds for the tournament, we know exactly who the favourites are. So on that note, let me now provide an overview of the Terra Wortmann Open doubles favourites for 2023.

Arevalo/Rojer – Seed One

Starting with the number one seeds to win the event this year, we have the duo of Arevalo/Rojer. These guys have been a partnership for a number of years now, and they’ve enjoyed considerable success – hence their seeding. Specifically, they won Roland Garros in 2022, and in 2023, they made the quarter-finals of both the Australian Open and French Open. 

Granollers/Zeballos – Seed Two

These guys have paired up for most major tournaments since the 2019 season. So clearly, they have an established partnership, as well as a few important trophies in their locker. Since 2019, these trophies include a chain of ATP 1000 titles, as well as the Terra Wortmann Open doubles title in 2022. Naturally, this makes them the defending champions, which is why they are a key contender to win this year.

Gille/Vliegen- Seed Three

Compared to the previous two teams that are in the Halle Open doubles tournament, these two are less experienced. However, I say this in terms of the bigger tournaments on the ATP Tour, meaning ATP 1000 events and Grand Slams. As for the latter, Gille/Vliegen shocked us all when they made a charge to the finals of Roland Garros just a few weeks ago. Then again, grass-court doubles is very different from clay-court doubles!

Krawietz/Puetz – Seed Four

Last but not least, it’s Krawietz/Puetz who have snapped up the last of the seeded positions for the Terra Wortmann Open doubles tournament this year. These guys are the 4th seeds, and they are in the same half as Granollers/Zeballos. Of course, this makes things a bit tricky, as they will need to beat the defending champions at the semi-final stage if they are to make a title run. Yet they are in good form, as demonstrated by their quarter-final run at Roland Garros.

Terra Wortmann Open Doubles – FAQs

Where can I find the daily schedule for this event?

The full Halle Open schedule can be accessed through the link provided. This will be updated each day with the full order of play, so you will never skip a beat by visiting that page. At the same time, this schedule provides an overview of what’s coming up on what days, which is ideal if you are planning on watching certain rounds.

Is it possible to bet on each of the Halle Open doubles matches?

Absolutely. You can wager on all of the doubles matches at the 2023 Halle Open. Additionally, I will be providing predictions on a daily basis that you can use to help guide your betting choices – completely up to you. 

What is the format of the Terra Wortmann Open doubles games?

Because this is an ATP 500 event, the men don’t play a full third set for the doubles competition. This is shorted to a championship tie-break should the match reach this stage. However, the first two sets are played using a standard doubles format, meaning a set to 6 with a regular tie-break at 6-6 if necessary.

Are there many good live streaming options for the Halle Open doubles event?

Of course. Once again, we’ve covered the Halle Open TV live streaming options in great detail. Therefore, I would recommend reading through the information on that page to gain a complete overview of how to watch this tournament in English speaking nations. 

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