French Open Tickets 2023 – Your Options Explained

With the French Open being one of four Grand Slam events, tickets for this tournament are naturally in high demand. And if you haven’t secured your tickets for Roland Garros 2023 yet, this information is for you. My goal here is to show you what options you have for buying French Open tickets this year. However, with the event right around the corner, just bear in mind that you’ll need to act quickly if you wish to get yours.

2023 Roland Garros

As for why you might want to secure tickets for Roland Garros 2023, there are a few key reasons. Firstly, with Nadal’s injury woes in 2023, there are growing speculations that this could be his last French Open tournament. Secondly, if Nadal does compete, which has yet to be confirmed, we will witness Nadal and Djokovic trying to grab their 23rd Grand Slam. This alone would be fantastic to watch – if they were to play each other, that is.

Finally, the tournament itself is a must-watch for live clay-court tennis. You will not get a better experience regarding the level of play and the overall excitement of the matches. So, moving forward with that in mind, let me reveal your options for Roland Garros tickets this year.

Your Options for Roland Garros Tickets 2023

This breakdown of ticket options for the French Open is rather unique. I say this because the French Open has a wider range of tickets compared to other tournaments. The event has day/night session tickets, multi-day tickets, as well as ‘premium offers’ for those who can afford them. But below, I will focus on the best options for the majority of fans who wish to visit the 2023 French Open.

Grounds Pass

If you are hoping to watch as much tennis as possible but you’re on a more restricted budget, a ‘grounds pass’ would be the ideal choice. You can snap up these tickets for as little as €10 on the main Roland Garros website under the category of ‘outdoor courts’. This ticket gives you access to all courts that are not categorized as stadium courts. However, I’d suggest going through the week on this ticket, as the middle weekend can be extremely busy.

Stadium Tickets

Should you be willing to spend a little more and you don’t mind sitting in the stadium for a few hours, another option is to grab a stadium ticket. Now, Roland Garros has several options in this category. In total, there are three courts that allow you to grab stadium tickets, as listed below:

  • Court Philippe-Chatrier 
  • Court Suzanne-Lenglen
  • Court Simonne-Mathieu

You can grab tickets for these courts for as little as €50, although this drops to €45 if you choose a night session on Philippe-Chatrier. Note that you can typically pick a day or night session for these courts, or you can combine the two for a higher cost.

Upgraded Grounds Pass

There is a ‘middle of the road’ solution for those of you who aren’t too sure about the options above. That’s where the upgraded grounds pass enters the picture. Again, on the main site, you can grab an upgraded pass that allows you to enter Court Philippe-Chatrier at certain times throughout the day. Additionally for 2023, this pass grants access to the higher stands on Court Simonne-Mathieu too. So this is a great option!

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