Fastest serve in tennis: What do the official stats say?

Imagine standing on the tennis court, racquet in hand, ready to hit the world’s fastest serve that will leave your opponent in awe. The power and speed of your serve can be a game-changer, allowing you to dominate the match. But just how fast can a tennis serve really be?

In the world of professional tennis, the fastest serves can reach mind-boggling speeds, leaving spectators and opponents amazed. While the official record for the fastest serve is held by John Isner at 157.2 mph, there have been unofficial serves that have surpassed even that.

Serve speed is not only a display of raw power, but it also plays a crucial role in the outcome of a match. In this article, we will explore the fastest tennis serves ever recorded, the importance of serve speed, and the factors that contribute to a lightning-fast serve.

So, get ready to take a look at the fastest serves and discover the secrets behind the fastest tennis serve.

John Isner
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John Isner & the official fastest serve

Standing at a height of 6’10” (208 cm), Isner’s serve is known for its power and accuracy. The American established himself as one of the top servers in the game and holds the ATP-recognized record for the fastest serve in male tennis, with a speed of 253 km/h (157.2 mph).

This record-breaking serve was achieved during a Davis Cup match against Bernard Tomic in the 2016 ATP tour. The Greensboro native managed this thanks to his developed technique and natural height.

His booming serve will soon be a talk of the past as Isner announced that he will be hanging up his boots after the 2023 US Open.

His tenacity and dedication to the sport have resulted in a series of unique achievements such as becoming the oldest first-time ATP Masters 1000 singles champion at the age of 32 and amassing a staggering 14,411 career aces.

However, his ability to consistently perform at a high level allowed him to finish in the Top 20 for ten consecutive years.

Sam Groth & the unofficial fastest serve

While Isner’s thunderous serve has officially etched his name into the record books as the fastest tennis serve of all time, there exists an unofficial yet intriguing counterpart. Sam Groth, another tennis powerhouse, sent shockwaves through the tennis world with a serve that challenges the very limits of speed.

While not officially recognized, Groth’s serve stands as a testament to the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the sport, pushing the boundaries of what seems humanly possible on the tennis court. It was a time when the Australian politician was a feared tennis player.

Sam Groth
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With his thunderous serve, Groth holds the record for the fastest serve ever recorded, clocking in at a mind-blowing speed of 163.4 mph (263.0 km/h).

The record-breaking serve occurred during a Challenger-level match in 2012. Although not officially recognized by the ATP, it remains the fastest serve ever recorded. Groth’s serve has left spectators and fellow players in awe, as it surpassed the speeds achieved by other notable power servers in tennis history.

Groth’s incredible power and ability to generate immense racquet head speed was a testament to his dedication to perfecting his serve technique. However, while his fastest serve ever recorded will forever be etched in tennis history as the pinnacle of serve speed, his career-high ranking of 53 shows the game is not only about speed.


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