Fabian Marozsan – Could He Be the Next Big Thing in the Men’s Game?

Prior to the 2023 Italian Open, you’d be forgiven for having absolutely no idea who Fabian Marozsan is. After all, he’s barely been involved in ATP-level tournaments. In fact, the Rome Masters was the very first main draw that Marozsan has played at the ATP level, and boy did he announce himself to the world in style! As you’ll no doubt recall, Marozsan took down the number 2 seed and soon-to-be world number 1, Carlos Alcaraz.

Fabian Marozsan Tennis

Not only did he beat him, but he absolutely blew him off the court at times. It was hard to believe that this was his first ATP-level tournament, and this cannot be said for many players in such an instance. Additionally, Marozsan is just 135 in the world, yet his ranking will obviously explode once the new rankings are released next week. 

Therefore, Marozsan is obviously a player that is getting discussed at length for the moment. But could he really be the next big thing in tennis? Let’s take a closer look at this young Hungarian right now.

Fabian Marozsan – The 23-Year-Old Hungarian You’ve Never Heard Of

As mentioned above, not many tennis fans would have any idea of who Fabian Marozsan was before he qualified for the 2023 Rome Masters. In fact, even Carlos Alcaraz admitted to not knowing much about his game before they played. However, as we now know, Marozsan announced himself quite spectacularly this week. And in my opinion, while he might not become the next big thing right away, he certainly has the potential to be great. Allow me to explain why:

Dangerous Game

The most apparent thing about Marozsan’s game in Rome was just how big it was. By this, I mean that he could strike the ball with serious power from the back of the court. Since this is complemented by a big serve, as you’d expect from a guy who is 6 ft 4 inches tall, he’s got the full package to become a top-level player. But this isn’t the sole thing that helped him to make the round of 16 at the Italian Open. 

He is also very clever with his shot choices, as reflected in the countless drop-shot attempts that were successful against Carlos Alcaraz.

Fearless Tennis

Adding to the powerful game that Marozsan possesses, I noticed that he seemed to trust himself at all times. This means that he was still aiming to land a big strike no matter the scoreline, and he didn’t show many signs of nerves. When you consider the magnitude of what he was achieving in Rome, this makes it all the more special that he was able to stay relaxed and get the job done. 

Results in Rome

Of course, I have to wrap this up by talking about his overall results in Rome. Not only did the guy win two matches to even make it into the main draw, but he then won three main draw matches too. This included wins over Moutet, Lehecka, as well as Alcaraz, which nobody would have predicted. He even had a one-set lead over Coric before going down in three sets yesterday, so the future is bright for this talented young man.

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