Djokovic records 2024 – what is he chasing next season?

It goes without saying that the Djokovic records that have been achieved or broken in recent years are remarkable. The Serbian just keeps pushing the boundaries, and at this point, there aren’t too many records that he hasn’t broken. However, despite the Djokovic 2023 season being one of the best ever, there are still certain achievements that he has yet to reach. 

Djokovic records

Of course, the 2023 season has pretty much come to a close at the time of writing. Therefore, the topic of Djokovic’s records and what he can possibly achieve in the near future relates primarily to the 2024 season. And my goal today is to show you what records the world number one can break next year.

You may have an idea of some of the records that he is chasing next year. Yet you may not be aware of all of them, which is why I figured this is an intriguing topic to cover today. So – if you’re eager to discover the possible records that Djokovic might break over the next 12 months, simply keep reading.

The potential Djokovic records we may witness in 2024

At this point, it’s hard to dispute the argument that Novak Djokovic is the greatest tennis player of all time. This guy’s capabilities on a tennis court just seem superhuman, as has been the case for a number of years already. And at 36 years of age, he just seems to be getting better, which also defies all logic in professional sports. 

Taking this into account, while the list of Djokovic records is rather long, there are still several that he can add to his resume before he retires – not that we have any idea when that might be. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what the Serb is chasing in 2024. 

All of the following could well become established Djokovic records by the time the 2024 season is over:

Most titles of all time

Believe it or not, Novak Djokovic hasn’t won the most ATP titles of all time. In fact, he is currently in third place, behind Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors. Currently, Djokovic has 98 ATP titles, while Federer has 103 and Connors has 109. As for the reasons why this particular record is within Djokovic’s grasp, the answer is simple.

Both Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors have retired. So we know for a fact that the number of ATP titles these guys have will not increase. In contrast, Djokovic’s number of title wins is very likely to increase in 2024, and he’s only five titles behind Federer. 

Given that Djokovic won seven titles in 2023, it’s obviously likely that he will surpass Federer in 2024. Yet if he is to equal Connors in 2024, he will need eleven titles. This will be a stretch, yet if he plays a full schedule, it is certainly possible.

Most Grand Slam titles of all time

Of all the Djokovic records that could materialize over the next 12 months, this is the one that most of you will be acutely aware of. Currently, Novak Djokovic has 24 Grand Slam titles, which already puts him in the lead with respect to men’s tennis. As for his nearest rivals – Nadal has 22, and Federer retired with 20. 

Therefore, he is sitting pretty in terms of finishing with the most Grand Slam titles of all time for male tennis players. But he has not yet separated himself from the pack, as he is currently level with Margaret Court on 24 Grand Slam victories. Sure, Margaret Court competed in a different time to Novak Djokovic, but her record still stands.

With that said, given the sheer hunger of Novak Djokovic to break all records in tennis, this will no doubt be one of his number one goals for 2024.

Possible eight Wimbledon titles

The third record I must highlight ahead of 2024 covers Wimbledon – Djokovic’s self-proclaimed ‘favorite’ Grand Slam. Now, Djokovic has been rather successful on the grass courts of SW19 throughout his career. He’s won Wimbledon a total of seven times, yet a certain Roger Federer is still ahead of him with eight Wimbledon titles.

Djokovic records 2024

Because of this, Djokovic cannot break this record in 2024, but he can equal Roger Federer if he wins the title in the summertime. Of course, he had the chance to equal this record in 2023, yet he lost to Carlos Alcaraz in a thrilling five-setter. Since then, however, he seems to have reached another level compared to the rest, as proven by his recent ATP Finals victory.

Therefore, would we really bet against this becoming one of the potential Djokovic records that comes to fruition next season?

Most Grand Slam match wins 

This final record is an interesting one, as it doesn’t focus on titles, weeks as world number one, or anything of the sort. Instead, it’s a record that highlights Djokovic’s success rate in the biggest tournaments in tennis. And for me, this needs to be highlighted as it shows how consistent the Serb has been at the highest level throughout his career.

So, how does this particular record look at the moment? Well, once again, he sits behind Roger Federer for this record. At the time of writing, Federer is eight match wins ahead of Novak Djokovic at the Grand Slam level. Yet as mentioned earlier, Federer has retired, so his numbers are certain to remain the same.

As for Djokovic, should he win the 2024 Australian Open, he will be just one Grand Slam match win behind Federer. And even if he doesn’t win the Australian Open in January, it’s almost a certainty that he will surpass this record next season.

2024 Djokovic records conclusion – what will he achieve?

Of the four Djokovic records mentioned above, which are most likely to emerge next season? Well, in my opinion, it’s a given that he will surpass Federer for total Grand Slam match wins. So that one can be checked off.

As for the others, I do believe that he will surpass Federer for total ATP titles next season, yet we may need to wait another season for Djokovic to surpass Connors. Then again, he may surprise us all! And other than these, I certainly believe he will stand alone for total Grand Slam titles by the time 2024 is over.

As for whether he will equal Federer with eight Wimbledon titles, it’s highly likely, but not a certainty – in my opinion.

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