Novak Djokovic parents and family – all you need to know about the Serb’s family members

Novak Djokovic is pushing boundaries winning the 24th Grand Slam title last week at the US Open. The Serbian has been on top of the tennis world for the last 15 years and uses every opportunity to thank his family for their support in becoming one of the best players ever. It’s been a long ride from growing up in Serbia in the 1990s going all the way to tennis greatness.

Djokovic family members
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Who are Novak Djokovic’s parents?

Novak Djokovic is the oldest son of Srdjan and Dijana Djokovic. The couple met at the ski resort Kopaonik in Serbia where Srdjan was a skiing coach and was running a small restaurant. Dijana enrolled in the skiing course where they met.

As Srdjan recalls, he immediately noticed Dijana and fell for her. She wasn’t very into him at the beginning but he was persistent and managed to win her heart. Not long after Dijana was pregnant with Novak and the couple decided to get married even though Dijana was still in her studies.

Novak was born on May 22, 1987. The family was spending a lot of time on the mountain where Srdjan had his business. Kopaonik is the place where Novak was introduced to tennis and started playing at the age of four. To this day, he still returns to the mountain where he enjoys spending time with his family.

Novak Djokovic’s brothers

Djokovic brothers
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Novak is the oldest of three brothers in the Djokovic family. Marko was born in 1991 and Djordje in 1995.

Both of his brothers tried to follow in Novak’s footsteps but did not manage to have successful tennis careers.

Marko was seriously into tennis and was under a lot of pressure to become a top-level tennis player. He had a couple of solid seasons having a 23-25 record in 2010 and 19-9 the following year. He won a Futures tournament in 2012 and in the same year had his lone ATP level appearance in Dubai where he lost in the opening round. His career-high was 591st place in the ATP rankings and his career faded away.

It was no secret that Marko didn’t handle that easily. He suffered from depression not being able to reach the level of his brother, something that everybody expected of him. He was always recognized as Novak’s brother in Serbia and he decided to move away because of that. He settled in Marbella, Spain where he is a coach in a tennis academy. He found his peace there and stays away from the media, rarely following his brother in the tournaments.

Djordje also tried to pursue a playing career but quit before he turned 20. The best result in his career was reaching the quarterfinals in the doubles tournament at the China Open in 2015.

Today, he is successful in running the family business and he is the director of the Serbia Open that was organized in Belgrade in 2022 and this year in Banja Luka.

Unlike Marko, Djordje enjoys the spotlight and is often in the headlines of Serbian magazines. Recently, he and his wife Sashka Veselinov got their first son, named Aleksandar.

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