Davis Cup 2022 – Spain and Germany Rumbled by Absences

Over the last few days, we’ve witnessed a bunch of thrilling Davis Cup matches. And at the time of writing, we shall witness the first of the semi-final matches later today. In case you’ve missed any important details, this first semi-final involves Australia going up against Croatia. Beyond that, the second semi-final tomorrow involves Italy against Canada. If you’re wondering where some of the other big names in the Davis Cup might be – you’re not alone.

Davis Cup 2022 Results

That’s actually what I wanted to discuss right here. And specifically, I wish to address the impact that notable absences have had on two nations in particular. As you’ve seen from the title, these two teams are Spain and Germany. For me, if both of these nations had their all-star teams out there on the court, they would be top contenders to win the Davis Cup.

But unfortunately, both Spain and Germany have been crippled by absences. As a direct result of this, both teams have fallen short in the quarter-finals. Therefore, I wanted to point out these notable absences and what the teams have lost out on as a direct result of this. 

Two Gladiator Nations Dispatched in Davis Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals – Missing Names Explained

Spain was the first of these two nations to lose in the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup. They lost out to Croatia a few days ago by an overall score of 2-0. As for Germany, their fate was only sealed yesterday when they lost to Canada by an overall score of 2-1. But despite the thrilling tennis, the notable absences really did hinder both of these teams, as explained below.

Spain – Carlos Alcaraz

It goes without saying that not having your best player competing in the squad is always going to be a challenge. In the case of Spain, they were missing the current world number one, Carlos Alcaraz. Sadly, Alcaraz picked up an injury during the Paris Masters just a few weeks before the Davis Cup playoffs were set to begin. As a result of this, he had to give up his spot on the team. And to be perfectly honest, Spain lost out on some pretty reliable singles points here.

Spain – Rafael Nadal

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the world number one wasn’t available for Spain, but the world number two wasn’t available either! Naturally, Rafael Nadal is always a huge name to have in your squad. Yet Nadal dropped out of the Davis Cup due to the recent birth of his child combined with his niggling injuries. Of course, Nadal could have also racked up some singles points for Spain, which were completely absent against Croatia.

Germany – Alex Zverev

The Davis Cup was always going to be questionable for Alex Zverev following his horrible ankle injury at the 2022 French Open. Due to his absence from the German team, Oscar Otte was forced to step in as Germany’s number-one singles player. And without being disrespectful to Otte, Zverev would obviously be a more suitable number one for the playoffs. Despite that, Germany still put up a fight and went down swinging against Canada.

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