Citi Open Prize Money – How Much Will the 2023 Winners Get?

Skill, passion, and determination collide at the Citi Open. Nestled within the picturesque Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., this annual outdoor hardcourt spectacle is more than just a stop on the ATP Tour 500 and WTA 500 calendars.

It’s a historic event with a legacy that stretches back to 1969, where champions are crowned, dreams come true, and lucrative rewards await the deserving winners. For over half a century, the Citi Open has remained a significant fixture on the tennis calendar, capturing the essence of a truly historic event.

As we gear up for the 2023 edition, the stakes are higher than ever, with the deserving winners set to earn not just glory but also substantial rewards from the tournament’s lucrative prize money pool.

Citi Open - Washington Open
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Citi Open Total Prize Money

In this year’s edition, the total ATP prize money on offer has reached an impressive $2,013,940, ensuring that players will be competing not only for glory and ranking points but also for attractive financial rewards. Let’s take a closer look at what is on offer across the various events in Washington.

ATP – Men’s Singles

The ATP Washington Open’s total prize money has shown a steady increase over the past three years. In 2023, it reached $2,013,940, a 3.11% rise compared to the previous year’s $1,953,285. In 2021, the total prize money was $1,895,290.

Last year, fresh from appearing in the Wimbledon final, Nick Kyrgios claimed the Washington Open trophy. He took home $342,800 and the upcoming Citi Open champion will be rewarded with $353,445, which marks a noteworthy 3.11% pay rise compared to the previous year.

Even the earlier rounds in the tournament see near-identical increases in remuneration. For instance, second-round losers will receive $26,905, reflecting a 3.12% increase compared to the 2022 edition. This boost in prize money serves as a testament to the tournament’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of all participants.

  • Winner: $353,445 / 500 ATP points
  • Runner-up: $188,505 / 300 ATP points
  • Semifinalists: $97,785/ 180 ATP points
  • Quarterfinalists: $51,055/ 90 ATP points
  • Round 3: $26,905 / 45 ATP points
  • Round 2: $14,725/ 20 ATP points
  • Round 1: $7,855 / 10 ATP points
  • Qualifying Round 2: $4,125 / 4 ATP points
  • Qualifying Round 1: $2,355 / 0 ATP points
Citi Open - Washington Open
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WTA – Women’s Singles

The women’s event has undergone a significant upgrade, transforming from a WTA 250 to a WTA 500 event. Consequently, the total prize money for the WTA draw has surged to a staggering $780,637, marking an incredible 210.08% rise compared to the previous year.

The WTA champion will take home an impressive $120,150, which represents a remarkable 261.90% increase compared to 2022. This substantial increase in prize money across the entire draw ensures that all players, from the champions to the first-round losers, will be handsomely rewarded for their dedication and exceptional performances.

  • Winner: $120,150 / 470 WTA points
  • Runner-up: $74,161 / 305 WTA points
  • Semifinal: $43,323 / 185 WTA points
  • Quarterfinal: $22,800 / 100 WTA points
  • Round 2: $11,600 / 55 WTA points
  • Round 1: $8,320 / 20 WTA points
  • Qualifying Round 2: $6,830 / 1 WTA points
  • Qualifying Round 1: $4,090 / 0 WTA points

ATP Men’s Doubles

The 2023 ATP Doubles event at the Washington Open promises to be an exciting showcase of teamwork, skill, and tenacity. As players gear up for the tournament, they will not only be vying for the prestigious title but have their eyes on the $123,770 winner reward.

However, the rewards remain equally enticing as we progress through the rounds. The runners-up will also be rewarded generously, earning $65,980 USD, while the semifinalists will earn $33,380 USD, while the quarterfinalists will take home $16,690 USD.

The prize money breakdown for the 2023 ATP Doubles event at the Washington Open is as follows:

  • Winner: $123,770 USD
  • Runner-up: $65,980 USD
  • Semifinal: $33,380 USD
  • Quarterfinal: $16,690 USD
  • Round 1: $8,640 USD

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