China Open 2023 prize money – how much will the winners get?

China Open
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As the tennis world prepares to descend upon the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Centre for the China Open 2023, the spotlight isn’t solely on the thrilling matches and intense rivalries. No, there’s a question that lingers in the minds of players, fans, and enthusiasts alikeβ€”a question that adds an extra layer of excitement to this illustrious event: how much will the winners walk away with in prize money?

The answer, as you’re about to discover, is nothing short of staggering. The China Open 2023 has set the bar high, elevating itself to a league of its own in terms of rewards. It’s a tournament where champions aren’t just made; they’re handsomely rewarded for their brilliance on the court.

ATP China Open prize money

This year, the China Open boasts a staggering total prize money pool. For the men’s event, a colossal $3,633,875 is up for grabs, while the women’s event takes it to an even grander level with a jaw-dropping $8,127,389 in prize money. These figures alone underscore the magnitude of this tournament, where excellence is not only celebrated but also handsomely rewarded.

For those who emerge victorious in the fiercely competitive singles events, the rewards are nothing short of remarkable. The men’s singles champion will claim a princely sum of $679,550 as their rightful share of the spoils. As for the women’s singles champion, while the exact figure remains a tantalizing secret, it is undoubtedly set to surpass the $1.5 million disbursed back in 2019.

But the story doesn’t end there. The China Open 2023, with its dual focus on both men’s and women’s tennis, has a combined total prize money pool that is nothing short of astonishing. A staggering $11.6 million is on the line, making it not only a testament to the prestige of this event but also a captivating display of how the pursuit of greatness in tennis leads to extraordinary financial rewards.

ATP China Open – Singles prize money

The ATP China Open 2023 Men’s Singles category offers lucrative rewards for all participants. The champion claims $679,550, while the runner-up earns $365,640. Semifinalists pocket $194,860, and quarterfinalists take home $99,560.

The intensity of competition is reflected in the prize money, with increases for later rounds. Players reaching the Round of 16 receive $53,145, and those progressing from Round 1 earn $28,345. Emerging talents are also rewarded, with Qualifying Round 2 (Q2) victors getting $14,525, and Qualifying Round 1 (Q1) winners receiving $8,150. A testament to tennis excellence.

  • Winner: $679,550
  • Runner Up: $365,640
  • Semifinalist: $194,860
  • Quarterfinalist: $99,560
  • Round 2: $53,145
  • Round 1: $28,345
  • Qualifying Round 2 (Q2): $14,525
  • Qualifying Round 1 (Q1): $8,150

ATP China Open – Doubles prize money

In the thrilling arena of ATP China Open 2023, not only individual excellence but also doubles mastery is celebrated and rewarded. The Men’s Doubles event promises generous prizes, with the champions seizing an impressive $223,210.

The runners-up will pocket a substantial $119,050, while semifinalists and quarterfinalists earn $60,240 and $30,110, respectively. Even those who venture into the first round claim a respectable $15,590. It’s a testament to the tournament’s commitment to recognizing and valuing the talents of doubles teams, ensuring that every victory is duly compensated.

WTA China Open 2023: Singles & Doubles Prize Money

The prize money details for the WTA China Open 2023 Singles and Doubles events are eagerly awaited. As the WTA event follows slightly later, the prize money breakdown will be revealed in due course. Stay tuned for updates on this prestigious championship.

China Open
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