Carlos Alcaraz net worth: Career earnings, prize money, endorsements, and other assets

It seems wild to discuss the figures associated with Carlos Alcaraz’s net worth. After all, this talented Spaniard is still just 20 years of age. Yet as I’m sure you know, he is destined to be the next big thing in men’s tennis – if he isn’t already!

Adding to that, the Alcaraz net worth numbers are still changing rapidly, too. That’s because he is still cleaning up the prize money on the ATP Tour. And because of his potential in tennis, he is constantly exploring fresh endorsement options. 

Carlos Alcaraz net worth
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All of this can cause huge changes to Alcaraz’s personal net worth in a flash. However, this doesn’t stop us from working with the numbers that are out there right now. 

So of course, by reading through the sections shared below, my goal is to give you more accurate Carlos Alcaraz net worth figures to give you the best answer possible. 

On that note, let me kick things off with a general overview of Alcaraz’s net worth at the time of writing.

Alcaraz net worth numbers – as things stand

You may know Alcaraz as the apprentice to his much older countryman, Rafael Nadal. His emergence and rise to fame has been just as rapid as Nadal’s was back in the day, and many comparisons are made between the two. However, Nadal’s net worth is far superior to Carlos Alcaraz’s, so we cannot really compare the two in this area.

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Alcaraz could well have the same success as Nadal throughout the course of his career – he just needs time to produce the kind of figures that Nadal boasts these days. So, how exactly are the Alcaraz net worth numbers stacking up at the moment? 

Well, according to the average across several popular sources, Carlos Alcaraz’s net worth is rumoured to be floating around the $5 million mark. Amazingly, this is more than 40 times lower than Nadal’s, just to give that number some perspective. 

Yet as referenced above, Alcaraz is still just 20 years of age, so he has almost two decades to amass the kind of fortunes that guys like Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic have attained in their careers. 

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Career earnings – Alcaraz net worth figures explained

To quickly clarify something – before covering things like Alcaraz’s career earnings and other areas that influence his net worth, I must point one thing out. Any numbers shared concerning Alcaraz’s winnings from prize money or endorsement deals are not 100% contributors to his net worth. 

Naturally, deductions are made from prize money and endorsement deals. And like anyone, he has outgoings – much more than the average athlete, in fact. So of course, the numbers mentioned shouldn’t simply be added together to create a false Alcaraz net worth figure. 

Anyway, with that cleared up, how are things looking with regard to Carlos Alcaraz’s on-court earnings from tennis? Well, according to the most recent figures published on the official ATP website, Alcaraz has earned over $22.5 million in prize money during his career – $22,583,074, to be exact.

Believe it or not, over $10.7 million of that came in 2023 alone, which somewhat displays how quickly he has entered the spotlight in tennis. As for where this money has been earned, the most significant paychecks have come from his 12 career titles.

Taking things even further, the most significant from this bunch have been his Wimbledon and US Open titles. For both of these titles, Alcaraz received a check that was in the millions! 

Alcaraz net worth – ongoing endorsement deals

Although Carlos Alcaraz’s net worth is floating around $5 million right now, this won’t stay a single-digit number for long. This is particularly evident when you start to dive into the kind of endorsement deals that he has on the go right now.

Of course, his endorsement deals don’t go directly to the Alcaraz net worth pool, but they certainly help. And at the end of the day, like all top athletes, Alcaraz will no doubt explore other investment opportunities after receiving these huge paydays, which will ultimately enhance his net worth even further. 

With this in mind, I’ve provided a run-through of Alcaraz’s most lucrative endorsement deals below.


Interestingly, Alcaraz has followed in the footsteps of Rafael Nadal by making a long-term deal with Babolat. As you may know, Alcaraz plays with Babolat rackets, and for a player of his profile, it’s perfectly normal for an endorsement deal to be in place. The exact value of this deal, however, isn’t specifically known.


Once again, this endorsement deal is an exact mirror of what Rafael Nadal has in his locker. Carlos Alcaraz signed with Nike back in 2015 while he was just 12 years of age! As for the specifics of this endorsement, he only started to bring in the big bucks from Nike in 2020. 

If the reports are true, Alcaraz earns more than $1 million per year through his Nike deal.


Arguably, this is the most high-profile deal that Carlos Alcaraz has right now. Of course, Rolex is largely viewed as the most luxurious watch brand in the world. But this time, he hasn’t followed in Nadal’s footsteps – he’s followed in Roger Federer’s. 

Alcaraz can often be seen sporting a Rolex when he finishes his matches, and he has had this endorsement since January 2022.


While the previous three deals are helping push the Alcaraz net worth numbers higher, this one is also adding fuel to the fire. As you are no doubt aware, BMW is a huge car manufacturer, and Alcaraz is now a brand ambassador – as has been the case since July 2022.

Louis Vuitton

Back to luxury brands again – Alcaraz has inked a deal with Louis Vuitton for a nice off-court earner. This is actually the newest endorsement deal that Alcaraz has signed of the bunch, as this deal was only announced in June 2023. 

As fate would have it, he then won Wimbledon the very next month!

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FAQs – Carlos Alcaraz net worth

What areas are included in the Alcaraz net worth calculations?

The main areas include career earnings, endorsement deals, and overall assets.

Will the Alcaraz net worth numbers change in the coming years?

Yes – his net worth is expected to rise rapidly over the coming years.

Are there any news stories in the pipeline that would change the Alcaraz net worth numbers drastically?

Yes – Nike is considering pushing out an ‘Alcaraz line’ of clothing, much like Nadal has.

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