Canadian Open 2023 Prize Money – How Much Will the Winners Get?

Amidst the sun-drenched courts and roaring crowds, the Canadian Open 2023 beckons as a tennis spectacle of unmatched grandeur. As the finest male and female athletes grace Montreal and Toronto, they carry more than just their skills and dreams of triumph; they carry the prospect of lucrative rewards.

With the tournament now part of the esteemed ATP Masters 1000 and WTA 1000 circuits, the prize money has soared to new heights, luring players from across the globe to compete for glory and a chance to stake claim to the coveted winner’s prize. Discover the exciting journey that awaits the champions and the substantial financial accolades they stand to gain at the National Bank Open.

Canadian Open 2023 Prize Money – Individual Event Breakdown

Canadian Open 2023 Prize Money
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In 2023, the prize money for the ATP event totals an impressive $6,600,000, marking an 11.36% increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, in Montreal, the WTA prize money pool stands at $2,788,468. The WTA Champion will be rewarded with $454,500 while the ATP Champion will take home $1,019,335.

The individual event breakdown for the Toronto and Montreal legs of the National Bank Open 2023 reflects the tournament’s commitment to rewarding talent and excellence in tennis. The detailed breakdown of prize money at each event are discussed below.

ATP Toronto Open – Men’s Singles

The ATP event at the Canadian Open 2023 promises to be a lucrative opportunity for the players, with the winner set to claim an impressive prize money of $1,019,335, an 11.37% on what Pablo Carreno Busta took home last year.

The financial rewards extend throughout the tournament, with the runner-up taking home $556,630 and the semifinalists earning $304,375 each. Those who make it to the quarterfinals will receive $166,020, while players reaching the third round will be rewarded with $88,805.

The substantial prize money at each stage of the tournament adds to the excitement and competitiveness, ensuring that the players give their all on the courts during the ATP event at the Canadian Open 2023. The complete breakdown is as follows:

  • Winner: $1,019,335
  • Runner-up: $556,630
  • Semi-Final: $304,375
  • Quarter-Final: $166,020
  • Round 3: $88,805
  • Round 2: $47,620
  • Round 1: $26,380
  • Qualifying Round 2: $13,515
  • Qualifying Round 1: $7,080

ATP Toronto Open – Men’s Doubles

The ATP Men’s Doubles event is set to provide a thrilling showcase of teamwork and skill. Those who impress will be rewarded with a generous prize money pool. The winners of the doubles event will claim an impressive reward of $312,740, making it a highly sought-after title on the tennis circuit.

Toronto Open
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The runner-up team will not go home empty-handed either, as they will receive a substantial sum of $169,880. As the competition progresses, the financial incentives remain compelling, with semifinalists earning $93,310 and quarterfinalists securing $51,470. The prize money extends throughout the tournament, with the details shared below.

  • Winner: $312,740
  • Runner-up: $169,880
  • Semifinal: $93,310
  • Quarterfinal: $51,470
  • Round 3: $28,310
  • Round 2: $15,450
  • Round 1: $13,510

With such attractive financial rewards awaiting them, doubles teams at the Canadian Open 2023 are sure to bring their A-game and deliver an exhilarating display of doubles tennis at its finest.

WTA Montreal Open – Women’s Singles

WTA Montreal - Canadian Open
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As the WTA stars converge upon Montreal for the Canadian Open 2023, the tournament continues to witness a steady increase in prize money, affirming its stature as a prestigious event on the women’s tennis calendar. The total prize money for the 2023 edition stands at $2,788,468, showcasing a notable progression from the previous year’s sum of $2,697,250.

This consistent growth in financial rewards reflects the organizers’ commitment to recognizing the talent and efforts of the world’s top female athletes, making the WTA Montreal Open an exhilarating opportunity to compete for both glory and lucrative prizes. Amongst the participants, the champion is poised to claim a substantial reward of $454,500. The financial incentives extend to the runner-up as well, as they will take home an impressive sum of $267,690.

As the rounds progress, players reaching the semifinals will earn a commendable $138,000, while those advancing to the quarterfinals secure a generous amount of $63,350. Details of prospective earning for the WTA Montreal Open contestants are shared below.

  • Winner: $454,500
  • Runner-up: $267,690
  • Semifinal: $138,000
  • Quarterfinal: $63,350
  • Round 3: $31,650
  • Round 2: $17,930
  • Round 1: $12,848
  • Qualifying Round 2: $7,650
  • Qualifying Round 1: $4,000

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