Can Rafael Nadal Win the 2023 French Open? Uncle Toni Weighs In

Although the 2023 French Open may seem a little far away, it’s actually only 5 weeks until the qualifiers begin. This shows that the tournament is much closer than many of us realize, and we are right in the thick of the clay court season at the moment. In fact, at the time of writing, major events like the Barcelona Open, as well as a few others are taking place. All of this is very exciting as it’s showing us who is dominating on the dirt as we continue down the path towards Paris.

However, taking this into account, there is one huge name that has been missing from the clay court build-up so far. That man is Rafael Nadal, and while we all hoped he would be back for Monte Carlo, he is still staying away from the tour until he feels right. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he is still injured – it just means that he wants to be 100% ready before making his return to the tour. Adding to that, it goes without saying that he will want to be fighting fit in time for his most successful slam of them all, the French Open.

Nadal 2023 French Open

Then again, his continued absence from the ATP Tour doesn’t exactly bode well in terms of his anticipated chances at Roland Garros. This is something that we can all agree on. But there is one man who has a slightly different take on things, and it’s the man who has been at Nadal’s side for most of his career – Uncle Toni. 

Let me share with you what this man has to say about Nadal’s chances at the 2023 French Open, as it is quite intriguing.

2023 Roland Garros – Can Nadal Realistically Bag Number 15?

Rafael Nadal is the true king of clay, there is just no disputing that claim whatsoever. Therefore, his presence at Roland Garros is obviously huge for tennis fans, as well as for Nadal and his team. Yet in 2023, his season has been essentially nonexistent up until this point, which makes Nadal fans quite anxious about the 14-time Champion’s chances this year. However, Uncle Toni has a few words of encouragement ahead of this event.

Mentally Ready

According to the man himself, he believes that Nadal ‘still has the mind’ to win another title in Paris. What I assume he means by this is that he still has the will to go out there and win another trophy, and he still has the mental toughness required to do it. Then again, I can’t say that this is a surprise given that we are discussing arguably the greatest competitor that the sport has ever seen.

A Couple of Wins Is All It Takes

For me, this was the most significant comment in his recent interview. Uncle Toni stressed that Rafa only needs a couple of tough matches to be back to his best. He specifically mentioned that when Nadal is on Phillippe-Chatrier – ‘everything changes’. And to be perfectly honest, this comment is justified. I can only imagine the aura that this man has when he steps onto this court, which is why it’s completely unrealistic to say that Nadal cannot win the 2023 French Open!

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