ATP Tour – January 2023 Tournament List and Schedule

At the time of writing, we are right on the cusp of another exciting ATP season. This time, the ATP couldn’t contain its excitement and wait to start the 2023 season when 2023 actually begins. I say this because today (December 29th), the United Cup 2023 will begin over in Australia. Technically speaking, this is the very first tournament of both the ATP and WTA seasons for 2023. This is the case because the United Cup is a mixed-gender tournament, meaning that it is covered by both the WTA and ATP tours.

The fact that the United Cup is kicking off both seasons actually shows the main reason for sharing this information today. Each year, the ATP does tend to chop and change the tournaments that are played, as well as their respective gradings. So each time that a new ATP season begins, you can be sure that some fresh events are hiding somewhere. Yet my focus here is to showcase the tournaments that are about to be played in January 2023.

ATP Tour January 2023

There are quite a few for me to discuss too, so I may as well get started right now.

January 2023 ATP Tour Events – A Full Breakdown

If you want to be technical about things, the ATP 2023 season will already start today. But since the United Cup is starting in December 2022, we can’t include this in the list of tournaments for January 2023. We can, however, include all of the following events that have been shortlisted on the ATP calendar for next month:

Adelaide International 1 & 2 – ATP 250

The first of the two Adelaide International events will get started on January 1st, 2023. So as you can imagine, there won’t be many participants in this tournament having a heavy New Years’ party! Of course, this is one of two tournaments played in Adelaide as part of the build-up to the Australian Open. The second of the Adelaide International events will get started on January 9th, just one day after the final of the first 250 event.

Tata Open Maharashtra – ATP 250

This is an interesting tournament that has been thrown into the mix for the 2023 season. The Tata Open Maharashtra is played in Pune, India, so I’m not overly sure if this would be considered as an Australian Open warm-up event or not. Anyway, it’s a 250-level event, which puts it on a par with all of the other ATP tournaments in January, besides the Australian Open.

ASB Classic – ATP 250

The last of the ATP 250 events scheduled for January is the ASB Classic. This tournament will be played in Auckland, New Zealand, from January 9th to January 14th. Of course, as part of the build-up for the 2023 Australian Open, it is also an outdoor hard-court tournament. 

Australian Open – Grand Slam

Of all the tournaments scheduled for January 2023, the Australian Open is the King of them all. This is the first Grand Slam of the year, and it will be held from January 16th to January 29th. Of course, if there was one tournament to tune in for in January, it would be this one!

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