2023 ATP Finals prize money – how much will the winners get?

ATP Finals 2023 - Djokovic
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The Pala Alpitour in Turin will host the ATP Finals 2023. As the crème de la crème of men’s tennis gather, ATP Finals prize money remains mouthwatering.

Reigning Australian Open, French Open and US Open champion Novak Djokovic will be defending his 2022 ATP Finals crown. He will battle for honours against former winners Alexander Zverev, Daniil Medvedev, and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The field will also have Wimbledon champion and current world number 2 Carlos Alcaraz in the mixup. He will be alongside Andrey Rublev, Jannik Sinner and Holger Rune, all vying for the ultimate glory in a thrilling display of athletic prowess and skill.

For the 2023 edition, the ATP Finals prize money stands at a whopping $15 million, a record-breaking amount that setts the stage for not just exceptional tennis but an unprecedented reward for the champions who emerge triumphant. Let’s delve into the lucrative prize money awaiting the champions of the ATP Finals 2023.

2023 ATP Finals prize money – Singles

The ATP Finals 2023 singles prize money commands attention, promising an impressive reward system for every stage of the tournament. The journey begins with the alternate player, securing $152,500, setting the stage for a substantial reward even for those outside the main draw.

Players stepping into the fray secure a participation fee, with escalating earnings based on the number of matches played. One match entitles them to $162,750, two matches increase the stakes to $244,125, and three matches secure a participation fee of $325,500, ensuring recognition and compensation for their involvement in the competition.

A round-robin match win commands an impressive $390,000, and the intensity amplifies in the semi-finals, where a win translates to a substantial $1,105,000.

However, the pinnacle awaits the finalists, with the champion of the ATP Finals 2023 claiming a staggering $2,201,000. Yet, for the undefeated champion, a monumental prize awaits—the awe-inspiring reward of $4,801,500.

ATP Finals 2023 - Djokovic
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2023 ATP Finals prize money – Doubles

In tandem with the riveting stakes in the singles competition, the ATP Finals 2023 doubles prize money structure mirrors the impressive rewards system. Much like their singles counterparts, the alternate teams kick off their journey with a significant $50,850, marking a notable beginning in their involvement in the tournament.

For the participating teams, the system echoes a parallel narrative, offering a participation fee that escalates based on their engagements. One match secures them $66,000, two matches elevate the reward to $99,000, and three matches culminate in a substantial participation fee of $132,000.

Each victory on the court carries its weight in the prize pool. A round-robin match win adds $95,000 to the team’s earnings, while a win in the semi-finals secures a notable prize of $175,650, underscoring the escalating intensity.

Yet, the ultimate accolade awaits the doubles team that clinches the championship as the final win commands an impressive $351,000. For the undefeated champions, a pinnacle reward of $943,650 stands as a testament to their unassailable run.

ATP Finals 2023 Ranking Points

The ATP Finals 2023 offers a lucrative prize purse and a significant opportunity for players to bolster their rankings. Every victory in the singles and doubles competitions translates to valuable ranking points.

A round-robin match win carries a weighty 200 points, underlining the importance of every match in this high-stakes competition. Advancing to the semi-finals secures a further 400 points.

The finalists gain a significant 500 points, emphasizing reaching the pinnacle clash in the ATP Finals. A remarkable 1500 points await for the undefeated champions, marking not just victory but an unparalleled dominance throughout the tournament.

2023 ATP Finals Prize Money
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