Andy Murray Retirement 2023 – Possibility or Highly Unlikely?

Ah, the old Andy Murray retirement debate! This topic has reared its ugly head once again as we are about to turn the bend into another ATP season. Of course, the question that certain pundits are asking is whether Murray will call it quits in 2023 or not. I’ve taken a deep dive into this probing debate recently, and personally, I believe that there is no chance that Murray will retire in 2023.

Sure, Andy Murray has almost come back from the dead already when he essentially announced his retirement at the 2019 Australian Open. But this was a short-lived affair as the three-time Grand Slam winner just couldn’t stay away from competitive tennis. If you recall, Murray originally wanted to retire back then due to substantial pain in his hip. 

Andy Murray retirement 2023

However, he’s since had surgery and ongoing treatment that has allowed him to keep doing what he loves. And since this retirement prospect at the beginning of 2019, Murray has managed to re-enter the ATP top 50. Currently, Murray is ranked 49th in the world in singles – not bad for a guy with a metal hip. 

Despite this obvious improvement in ranking, there are other reasons why I feel that Murray will keep going beyond 2023. These are detailed below.

Why the Prospect of a 2023 Andy Murray Retirement Is Unlikely

Based on my research into Murray’s recent form, performances, and training, I just can’t see a retirement announcement coming from Murray in 2023. If it did happen, I would be incredibly surprised. And from a selfish point of view, I would hate to see another legend of the game retire following Federer’s departure from competitive tennis! 

With that said, I haven’t reached this conclusion purely for my own selfish reasons. Instead, I’ve landed on two factors behind the ‘unlikeliness’ of Andy Murray’s retirement in 2023:

The Recent Announcement of His 2023 Schedule

Perhaps the most obvious factor of all, Murray has recently spoken to the media about his 2023 competitive intentions. Should anyone be thinking that he was ready to call it a day, his 2023 schedule will soon put those thoughts to bed. Murray has an absolutely packed schedule for 2023, and he has even teased a return to the clay court events. 

Bear in mind that Murray has tended to avoid such tournaments recently due to the stress it puts on his body. So the fact that he is even considering playing clay court tournaments is an immensely promising sign.

The Obvious Passion for the Game When He Competes

Apart from the recent announcement of his schedule for next season, I cannot help but mention this factor too. When I watch Andy Murray compete, I still see the same passion and love for the sport that he had at his peak. Sure, he might be a little slower, a little older, and a little less dominant than he used to be. However, how can you not love the will to win that the man displays out there on the court?

He has a burning desire to compete and to win against everyone. And until this dies out, I cannot see him retiring. 

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