Andy Murray net worth: Career earnings, prize money, endorsements, and other assets

At this point in his career, it seems perfectly fair to talk about the Andy Murray net worth numbers and key figures. Let’s not forget – the great Scotsman is now 36 years of age. And as much as I’d love Andy Murray to keep playing for years to come, I can’t see it happening.

Then again, he has already overcome massive obstacles to return to professional tennis in the first place. Because of that, he deserves huge respect and admiration. Nevertheless, we can’t avoid the inevitable.

Murray net worth
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Murray’s tennis career will end at some point in the next few years. And when it’s all over, the Murray net worth numbers will be set in stone – at least in terms of contributions coming from tennis-related earnings. 

Therefore, I really do feel this is the ideal time to dive into the numbers associated with Andy Murray’s net worth for those who are interested. In doing so, I hope to provide a comprehensive answer to your query with a full breakdown of where Murray’s money has come from.

So, ready to get the ball rolling? Me too!

Murray net worth figures – current overview

Based on the most up-to-date numbers available, Murray’s net worth is actually much higher than you might have thought. After all, he has missed a load of tennis due to injuries throughout his career. And while yes, he was one of the ‘big four’ back in the day, he hasn’t achieved the kinds of things that guys like Djokovic, Federer, or Nadal have.

Note that this doesn’t take away from the fact that Andy Murray’s career has been sensational. He has done amazing things in tennis, and he will forever hold a special place in the hearts of British fans. However, all of this is secondary to the Murray net worth numbers you’ve come here seeking today.

So to get right to it – the most recent numbers indicate that Murray’s net worth is hovering around the $165 million (£130 million) mark. See, I told you he didn’t have a bad career! And considering he was sidelined for so long with injuries, the fact that he boasts a net worth that’s on its way to $200 million is rather staggering.

Then again, this doesn’t quite touch Djokovic’s, or Nadal’s net worth. However, this also shows that Andy Murray has been very clever with his money outside of the court – as you’re about to learn.

Career earnings – Murray net worth from prize money

Before I discuss the career earnings of Andy Murray, I’d like to discuss just how decorated this man’s career has been up to this point. Of course, the successes I’m about to highlight have contributed to Murray’s net worth over the years. 

Impressively, Murray has won a grand total of 46 ATP titles in his career. As for the most important and most lucrative titles, these came through his 3x Grand Slam victories – 2x Wimbledon and 1x US Open. Then again, Murray also won 14x Masters 1000 titles.

As for what all of these achievements have collectively led to, the official ATP website puts Murray’s career prize money at $64,246,026. Of course, the bulk of this came during the period when Murray was ranked as one of the very best players in the world. 

This is the period in which Andy Murray was winning the biggest titles, and therefore, receiving the biggest checks that tennis had to offer at the time. And while his prize money might have declined in recent years, he is still competing, so this figure is still rising.

Andy Murray
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Murray net worth – specific endorsement deals

Moving away from the general overview of the Murray net worth and career earnings, it’s time to look at another key area. As I’ve done for my analysis covering Alcaraz’s net worth, Nadal’s net worth, and other top guys, I’ve looked into Murray’s endorsement deals. 

After all, these deals are what keep the cash register ringing for high-profile players year after year. And for Andy Murray, he has an impressive list of endorsements to mention.


Starting with Murray’s racket sponsor, he has been with Head before he even became a professional player. The numbers of this deal aren’t publicly available, yet given Murray’s career prestige, I can’t imagine they are small.


While other top guys have deals with the likes of Nike or Adidas, Murray’s clothing sponsor is Castore. Then again, this isn’t a surprise since Castore has official endorsements with the LTA – the governing body for British tennis. 

American Express

With Murray’s racket contract and clothing deals covered, it’s time for the ‘extras’. These are any additional deals that don’t specifically relate to what he uses on the court. And interestingly, it’s American Express that serves as one of Murray’s largest endorsement deals.

Then again, they are a major financial company, so the fact that they reportedly contribute a great deal to the Murray net worth figures isn’t surprising. But I must admit, it would be nice to know what kind of perks he gets from this deal!

Other assets and investments – Murray net worth analyzed

As I mentioned above, the figures that are associated with the Murray net worth show that he has been smart with his investments. If this wasn’t the case, Murray wouldn’t have been able to build the kind of net worth that he currently has – it’s that simple. 

But to this point, I haven’t touched upon the alternative assets and investments that Murray has in place. So let me change that to put the cherry on top for this discussion.

After plenty of research, it’s clear that Andy Murray has plenty of interests in terms of ongoing businesses and investments. Prime examples include his ownership of Cromlix, which is a luxury hotel based in his home country of Scotland. 

Additionally, he has invested in Game4Padel, WeSwap, and Perkbox, which are all existing businesses that Murray has contributed to. Naturally, his positions in these companies also spike the Murray net worth figures.

Finally, I cannot ignore Murray’s own company – 77 Management. Based on the latest accounts, this is valued at more than $25 million. So if Murray continues on this path, I believe his net worth could climb much higher than it currently is.

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