Andy Murray – Back in the World’s Top 100, What’s Next?

Andy Murray has been part of the ‘big 4’ in the past. But due to several injury issues, he has fallen majorly in the rankings since his previous heights. However, Murray has been plugging away for the last couple of years. And it would seem that his efforts are finally starting to see some results or at least some traction. In recent weeks, Andy Murray has broken through the top 100 in the rankings for the first time since 2018. 

Andy Murray

Of course, one can only applaud the fact that he has stuck with it to get back up there. And now, with the top 100 reached once again, many are curious as to where Murray could go from here. The upcoming months will be crucial when answering this question, so let me get into it right now.

Ranking Forecast for Murray in 2022

The future is certainly looking brighter for Andy Murray than it was a few years back. He is starting to play the kind of tennis that we have seen from him in the past. But with that said, he is still having difficulty breaking through in major events. Of course, he is currently competing in the Indian Wells Masters. So let’s take things from there.

Indian Wells and Miami

Murray had a bit of a tough one against Taro Daniel in his opening round of Indian Wells. As you may recall, Murray lost to Daniel in the Australian Open this year. But after losing the opening set, he turned it around and battled in true Murray fashion. He now plays Bublik in the next round – a man he beat just a few weeks back in Rotterdam. After that, things do open up.

This isn’t a bad draw in all honesty, but it remains to be seen how Murray will perform. Then we have Miami – another Masters 1000 event where Murray could do well. If he wins a few rounds there, his ranking will climb higher.

Clay Court Season

If I was to assess Murray’s possible clay-court season a few years back, I would speak about it with great excitement. He is a fantastic clay-court player, there is no denying that. However, I still have doubts and reserves about whether his body can hold up to the clay-court swing. Sure, he can still beat incredible players on the dirt. But can he do it back to back and pick up enough points to shoot his ranking higher? I am not too convinced. 

Therefore, I believe his ranking may remain somewhat stagnant during the clay-court swing. 


Wimbledon is where Murray could well shine. He has won the tournament twice in the past, and he did okay last year too. For me, he is looking sharper, more confident, and he is playing better in 2022 compared with 2021. A lot will depend on the draw here. But if he gets a good one, he could possibly make it through to the second week, or at least the 4th round, in my opinion.

If he did this, he could well break the top 50, which would be awesome!

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