Alex Zverev Injury Update – September 2022

Alex Zverev is one of the most promising guys on the ATP Tour at the moment. He’s been in and amongst the best in the business for quite a few years now. But his freak injury at Roland Garros has put a major hurdle in the way of the development of the German’s career. In case you needed a reminder, Zverev tore three ligaments in his ankle when he rolled it against Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of the French Open. It was rather gruesome to watch, and obviously, it has taken a major toll on Zverev’s physical fitness.

Alex Zverev Injury Update

Not long after he was forced to retire in this match, he had to undergo surgery, which occurred on June 8th, 2022. Of course, we had all hoped that the surgery would go to plan and that Zverev would return to the tour sooner rather than later. However, while the surgery has gone to plan, Zverev seems to have picked up another problem in recent weeks. His ankle had been healed up enough for Zverev to get back on the practice court, and he was actually scheduled to compete in the Davis Cup just a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Zverev felt that something was still wrong. But surprisingly, it wasn’t the ankle that had undergone surgery – it was something entirely new. Zverev has since come out to the press and stated that he has something known as a ‘bone edema’. So what next for Alex Zverev? Here are my views.

Zverev Injury Woes – Weeks or Months Until Return

For Alex Zverev fans, I am sorry to say that the news is still rather bleak relating to his return to the tour. Because of this new problem, Zverev has stated that it could well be weeks until he returns to compete, at best. However, he also stated that at worst, it is most likely months before he gets back on the competitive match court. This is obviously a major blow for the remainder of his 2022 season. And it also gives an indicator as to what we might expect from Zverev for the remainder of the season:

Most Likely Out Until 2023

Whenever a player announces a serious injury at the end of September, things don’t exactly look great for the rest of that season. Since this is precisely what Alex Zverev has done, personally, I don’t believe that he will step on the court again in 2022. I say this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is just one more major event left in the form of the Paris Masters. And secondly, I see no reason that he would want to jeopardize his recovery for the sake of one event.

If I was in his team, I would strongly advise him to call off the return to tournaments until 2023. His ranking will not suffer tremendously by taking the rest of the season off. Furthermore, he will get 3-4 months of pure rehab to come out swinging in 2023. This would be the most optimal solution, and I believe this is what he will do.

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