2023 Roland Garros Prize Money vs. 2022 – What’s on Offer This Year?

Within the last 24 hours, Roland Garros has announced the prize money breakdown for the 2023 tournament. As expected, and keeping in line with other ATP/WTA tournaments, the prize money has increased compared to 2022. This is pretty common as prize money is adjusted due to natural inflation from year to year. However, the exact prize money increases for various tournaments does change, meaning there is no ‘rule of thumb’ concerning the value of the increase.

This makes the Roland Garros prize money for 2023 rather interesting to read through. And much like in recent years, both male and female competitors will receive equal prize money. As for the total prize pool across all events – I hope you are sitting down! The prize pool for Roland Garros 2023 is set at €49.6 million, which is split between the various competitions and individuals who are taking part in them. 

Roland Garros

For those of you who are interested in the specifics of this prize pool, I’ve covered the other key information below. 

Roland Garros 2023 – Most Intriguing Changes in Prize Money Compared to 2022

As I’ve referenced above, the prize money for the second Grand Slam of the year has increased compared to 2022. Then again, this is what we expect – especially with the rather ropey state of the global economy at the moment. But what are the exact adaptations for the 2023 Roland Garros prize vs. the previous year? Let me show you right now.

Overall Prize Pool Increase – 12.3%

In what I’d call ‘normal times’, it’s fairly standard for the overall prize pool to increase by maybe 2-3%. This is the standard range used for increases in many things across the board – not specifically for sports. Yet when you look at the overall prize money increase for Roland Garros, the 12.3% spike is quite something. Of course, this is in reference to the total prize pool, but this does have a knock-on effect on the respective prize money for each round of the tournament.

Prize Money Increase for First/Second Round Losers

Besides the main prize pool increase, the most significant increase compared to 2022 is what’s on the table for first/second-round losers. Typically, these are the rounds in which players who are just inside the top 100 might lose, although this isn’t always the case. Therefore, the spike in prize money for both the first and second rounds is huge news for such players. 

Bear in mind that some of these players might be struggling financially – especially those ranked outside the top 100. As for the exact increase, first-round losers will get more than 11% more than they did in 2022. And second-round losers will enjoy an increase of close to 13%.

The Largest Payouts

It goes without saying that the bulk of the prize money is allocated to those who reach the latter rounds of Roland Garros. On that note, the players who win the men’s or women’s singles events will receive €2.3 million. And for the players who finish as the runners-up in these events, they will take home a cool €1.15 million. 

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