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Germany vs France h2h – Auntie Käthe nurses Germany’s troubles

Germany against France could not have come at a worst moment: Germany have sacked their national coach, Hansi Flick, following the 4-1 debacle against Japan last Saturday. Confidence is low as the performances throughout the year have been disappointing, to say the least. It is now down to Rudi Völler, to organise the team. Völler, nicknamed “Auntie Käthe” has experience in taking over when things seem to go downhill: his first time in charge as national coach in 2000 was against Spain and Germany won 4-1.

The situation in 2023 is very different to that of autumn 2000. France were runners-up in the 2022 World Cup and come with their confidence intact.

Germany vs France H2H

In total 32 matches have been played since the 1930s of which France have won 15, while Germany managed to win 10 of those games. Only seven matches ended without a winner. It is important to note that four of those ten matches Germany have won came at the World Cup – the latest was the quarterfinal of the 2014 edition of this tournament held in Brazil. However, this was the last match Germany have won against France, all encounters since ended either in a defeat for the DFB team or were drawn.

One of those remarkable matches at the World Cup was the semi-final in 1982 when the German goalkeeper Harald ‘Toni’ Schumacher punched the French forward Patrick Battiston so much that he lost several teeth and was unconscious for some scary moments. Schumacher did not even receive a yellow card for his criminal attack.

The match in the autumn of 2015 was overshadowed by the terrorist attacks in Paris and outside the stadium. Not too far away from the entrance to the Stade de France, a suicide bomber killed himself after he was refused entry to the match. Unimaginable had he gained access.

Germany: How will the team react?

The first games after a change of coach are almost unpredictable. There may be a surge in confidence and Germany might turn out winners. It could well go the other way. It is important how the team react to the change of management and how they adapt to it on the pitch. Therefore, the focus will be on the team captain. In the past matches, this has been Joshua Kimmich who has been replaced by Ilkay Gündogan recently. His experience at Manchester City and Barcelona may help the team.

ICONSPORT 477981032 scaled
Ilkay Gundogan of Germany during the friendly match between Germany and Japan at the Volkswagen Arena on September 9, 2023 in Wolfsburg, Germany. ANP | Hollandse Hoogte | GERRIT VAN COLOGNE – Photo by Icon sport

The last survivor of the successful team from 2014, Thomas Müller, may also prove pivotal. Though no longer a baby-faced killer, he may nonetheless find space for himself or create it for others.

ICONSPORT 477981236 scaled
Thomas Muller during the match between Germany and Japan at the Volkswagen Arena on September 9, 2023 in Wolfsburg, Germany. ANP | Hollandse Hoogte | GERRIT VAN COLOGNE – Photo by Icon sport

France: all eyes on Mbappé?</h3

For Didier Deschamps the task is clear: keep the winning streak of 2023. He has, however, a little problem: who will balance the attack? Kylian Mbappé on the left creates a disbalance and leaves the right wing underused, exposed even.

In midfield, Antoine Griezmann will dictate the rhythm of the play, there is little doubt about that. In goal, Mike Maignan will continue to demonstrate why he is one of the best keepers currently, in the world.

ICONSPORT 230911 99 157591 dpai scaled
Antoine Griezmann (l) and Kylian Mbappe during the final training session. The national teams of Germany and France meet in D – Photo by Icon sport

Last Time out

The two teams last met in 2021 at the European Championship with France winning 1-0 after an own goal by Mats Hummels. A potential second goal by Karim Benzema was disallowed by the video assistant referee because of an offside position.

For Germany, this defeat was the first loss for them in an opening game at the European Championship. Germany have now lost all three of their first group games at the last major tournaments, they participated in. For France on the other hand this victory meant that they remain unbeaten in their opening games at the continental tournament.

Final Prediction

Based on the developments surrounding the German team the winner can only be France tonight. Germany want to prevent France from scoring and will be playing safety first, understandably. However, France come with Griezmann and Mbappé and look to continue their good form. The result will be a 3-1 win with Mbappé scoring first.

France 3 – Germany 1

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