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Best Darts Songs: Walk on Chant Lyrics Rated and Explained

Modern darts simply aren’t just two players playing a game on a board, darts have managed to combine sporting drama with a real sense of theatre. What often contributes towards such a terrific atmosphere is the combination of songs, chants and some terrific walk-on music. Some of the chants and music have now become symbolic of the sport and we review the very best of them here.

A review of darts songs, darts chants and walk-on music

Iconic walk-on music has become the symbol of some of the very best players in the world, and players have gone to great lengths to ensure their walk-on music either fits their persona or can help contribute to an electric atmosphere.

Darts Songs

One of the best walk-ons is from Michael van Gerwen. van Gerwen combines two tracks to start his walk on.

Michael van Gerwen

To begin with, he starts with Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ this then abruptly stops and the White Stripe’s iconic ‘Seven Nation Army’ then fills the arena.

Seven Nation Army has become closely associated with sport and can often be heard being sung at some of the world’s biggest football matches. It’s the perfect sporting tune and often creates a superb atmosphere.

Gary Anderson

Another man who has combined two tracks to create their walk-on is Gary Anderson. ‘The Flying Scotsman’ starts his walk on with The Who’s ‘Won’t get fooled again’ this then transitions into House of Pains ‘Jump Around.’

Anderson’s excellent choice of track always gets the arena bouncing and provides one of the most iconic entrances in the sport. It is hands down one of the best darts songs in the business.

Gerwyn Price

It’s common that a darts player will pick a song that is associated with their on-stage persona. Take Gerwyn Price for example. Known as the ‘Ice Man’ Price walks out to Vanilla Ice’s famous song ‘Ice Ice Baby.’

Simon Whitlock

Simon Whitlock is one of Australia’s finest darts players and the man from Oz has made sure his walk-on is 100% Aussie-themed with Men at Work’s classic hit ‘Down Under’

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is the greatest darts player to have ever lived and his walk-on made for one of the most intimidating in the sport. Known as ‘The Power’ Taylor would start his walk on with a procession of trumpets symbolising to the crowd that the king had entered his domain.

With the trumpets rescinding, Taylor then began his walk on with ‘The Power’ by Snap, a track that was perfectly befitting of his iconic nickname.

In an effort to ensure darts is one of the most entertaining sports on the planet, several players use their entrance music to dance and entertain the crowd.

Peter Wright

Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright is a two-time world champion but arguably has the most entertaining walk-on in the game. Wright is accompanied to the stage by Pitbulls ‘Don’t Stop the Party.’

Wright who is one of the greatest characters in the game simply doesn’t leave it there. When on the stage, Wright sidesteps his way across the stage in what has become one of the sports must-watch entrances.

Dimitri Van den Bergh

Dimitri Van den Bergh has obviously been inspired by Wright and the young Belgian is another who isn’t afraid to bust a move whilst on stage.

The world number 15 is accompanied to the stage by Pharell Williams’s ‘Happy’ and it is one of the best tracks to get the crowd on their feet.

Devon Petersen

Devon Petersen brings a bit of African flair to the stage each time he enters the arena and the popular South African is another who entertains the crowd with his dancing. Peterson rocks the crowd to Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ and is another of the PDC’s most iconic entrances.

Darts Chants

Unlike most sports where quiet and silence are often encouraged, darts are the complete opposite. Matches are often played amidst a symphony of noise and organisers encourage mass participation.

Icon 70358185

Fans at the darts will often break out into a variety of different chants as the players are playing on the stage.

One of the most popular is ‘Stand up if you love the darts’ and it will often see the entire arena stand as one as they celebrate the sporting action they are witnessing.

It is also common to hear the strains of Dj Otzi’s ‘Hey Baby’ in arenas across the world. Hey, Baby has become commonly linked to the darts and is another anthem which gets the whole stadium singing.

Perhaps though the most iconic song in all of the darts is ‘Chase the Sun’ by Planet Funk. Chase, the Sun has become synonymous with the PDC and every time a match hits a TV break the song is played.

The crowd accompanies the track by singing along with the famous tune and it has given rise to one of the best darts songs of all time.

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