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British Male Tennis Players: who will take the crown from Andy Murray in the future

There is a long line of British male tennis players hoping to take the throne once Andy Murray hangs up his racket. And whenever that day comes, I expect a true frenzy of British male players fighting to get to the top. That said, it’s not like there is a shortage of top prospects in the men’s game concerning players from Britain.

In fact, Britain has several established players inside the top 100. This is something that I’m sure the best British female tennis players will be hoping to replicate in the coming years. Anyway, what’s my point behind all of this?

My point is that British tennis has a very bright future ahead. So, whenever the sun does set on Andy Murray’s rather fantastic career, as sad as that day will be, the sun is guaranteed to rise again with a fresh set of hungry youngsters. 

Once I’ve worked my way through the British male tennis players I wish to highlight today, I believe you will share the same optimism for the future. With that said, let’s now move forward and take a closer look at the top British male tennis players of the current times, as well as the rising stars coming through the ranks.

British male tennis players – established stars of the sport

Since the focus here is looking at who could carry the torch for British tennis once Andy Murray’s retirement becomes official, it goes without saying that we must look at guys who have many years left in them. At the same time, it makes sense to look at the British male tennis players who are ranked inside the top 100 before we move on to the rising stars. That’s because the immediate responsibility lies with them once Murray calls it a day.

Of course, it’s quite a responsibility to follow a man as decorated and successful as Andy Murray has been in the sport. However, the following players certainly have it in them to keep the fire burning for British men’s tennis for several years to come.

Daniel Evans

Dan Evans might be in his early-mid 30s, but I believe he still has several years as a top tennis player. I must admit, I love his unique style of tennis too, as he serve and volleys, chips his backhand around, and uses his soft touch on the ball to torment opponents. For me, he is one of those British male tennis players who has really maximized his talent too.

British Male Tennis Players Daniel Evans
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After all, he’s not a huge guy, nor does he have a super dangerous game which automatically means he will beat top players when he is on. Evans has to scrap for every point, and I thoroughly respect that about him. As for why he tops this list, Evans has been ranked as high as 21 in the world before, and he remains a top 50 player (at the time of writing).

Furthermore, he has 2 career titles, and he has scalped some huge names in his time, including the likes of Novak Djokovic!

Cameron Norrie

Of the three players I’ve listed as the most likely to carry the torch when Murray retires, Cam Norrie is probably the best candidate of them all. I say that because he is the most consistent of all these players, which is why he’s been the British number 1 for a fair length of time already. Additionally, Norrie has won the most career titles of these guys with 5 (at the time of writing).

British Male Tennis Players Cameron Norrie
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While his style of play is definitely quirky, it seems to be highly effective, and nobody can deny the work ethic of this man. He works on his game and his fitness with the utmost intensity at all times, and his results reflect this. Furthermore, Norrie has been ranked as high as number 8 in the world in his time, and he’s a fairly regular name in the top 20.

Jack Draper

I could have placed Jack Draper in the rising stars category, but the problem with that is that he’s already an established player. Despite being in his early 20s, he’s already a regular name in the biggest tournaments in our sport. And he’s undoubtedly one of the most talented British male tennis players right now. 

British Male Tennis Players Jack Draper
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That said, he has an all-out-attack approach to the game, which makes him totally different from the previous two. He is physically very strong too, which enables him to possess huge weapons like his serve and forehand. Yet, like many others breaking into the men’s game, he has struggled with fitness at times, so I just hope he can resolve such issues to maximize his huge potential.

Upcoming British male tennis players to keep an eye on

Keeping the fire burning once Murray retires is more of an immediate task rather than something to think about in 5-10 years’ time. However, at that point, we must broaden our horizons to see where the next batch of British male tennis players is coming from. And for the moment, there are three players who you should have on your radar.

Arthur Fery

The first of these three prospects is Arthur Fery – a young man in his early 20s who people are talking about in a very positive way. As a junior, Fery was ranked as high as 12 in the ITF rankings, which puts him in a similar stead to Jack Draper. Fery has been consistent and successful at the Challenger level so far, too, with several titles to his name already. 

British Male Tennis Players Arthur Fery
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However, to become a huge prospect for British male tennis players in the future, he now needs to make the step up and compete in ATP-level tournaments on a regular basis.

Felix Gill

Felix Gill is almost the same age as Arthur Fery, so he, too, has a long career ahead of him. And interestingly, Gill is also a ‘lefty’, which puts him in the same category as Draper and Norrie. There is plenty of hype about Felix Gill at the moment too, and his name first entered the spotlight when he teamed up with Arthur Fery in the Wimbledon men’s doubles main draw in 2022. 

Felix Gill British Male Tennis Players
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But just like the other guys in this section, Gill must break through the barrier of playing Challengers and boost his ranking to further enhance his career.

Charles Broom

The third and final rising star for British male tennis players is Charles Broom. He is slightly older than the previous guys, as he is in his mid-20s, yet I believe this works in his favour in terms of when he could make a big breakthrough. By nature, he is more physically mature than the younger guys, and he is more experienced on the larger stages in our sport.

Broom is showing plenty of promise on the doubles court, too, so he could well be a great asset for the British Davis Cup team in the future, too. That said, Charles Broom is still floating outside of the top 300 in the ATP rankings. 

Charles Broom British Male Tennis Players
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So if he is to step up to the plate and join the category of established stars, he must improve this ranking significantly over the coming years.

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