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Elsa Jacquemot – A Bright Star in the Future of French Tennis

Not many of you will know too much about Elsa Jacquemot. She’s not yet on the mainstream radar concerning the WTA Tour. However, with a ranking of 175 in the world right now, she’s due to compete in the French Open qualifiers for 2023. So both Jacquemot and her fans will be hopeful of some success in her home slam.

How Old Is Elsa Jacquemot?

Elsa Jacquemot is just 20 years of age, and her birthday is May 3rd, 2003. Therefore, she’s only recently moved beyond her teenage years. She’s actually played tennis since she was 3 years old, which is incredibly early compared to some of her peers. Of course, those early days were spent in France, which is where Jacquemot learned her skills on clay. 

Elsa Jacquemot

Those skills were on show for the world to see when she won the French Open girl’s singles in 2020. With that said, her transition from juniors into the women’s game hasn’t been a breeze up to this point. But she certainly has the skill to become a top player, especially since she cracked the top 200 while she was still a teenager. 

Elsa Jacquemot Career Stats

Jacquemot turned professional in 2018, which is seriously impressive. She earned her first WTA points when she was just 15 years old, yet she kept playing in junior tournaments despite her professional status. It’s fair to say that Jacquemot hasn’t looked back since securing those points, however. She’s subsequently racked up an 86/85 win/loss ratio in her professional career, and her career-high ranking is 143. This was achieved in December 2022, although she has fallen to 176 as of the most recent rankings adjustments.

Elsa Jacquemot Ranking and Roland Garros Standing

Elsa Jacquemot officially became a professional tennis player in 2018. But this purely means that she’d earned points and achieved a WTA ranking. Still, it’s a marvellous achievement to turn professional at such a young age. And her ranking has climbed steadily since, as shown in her highest yearly rankings below:

  • 2018 – 1224
  • 2019 – 622
  • 2020 – 522
  • 2021 – 270
  • 2022 – 143

Her most recent ranking in 2023 is 176, which is the ranking she will hold going into Roland Garros. This means that her ranking was not high enough to gain direct entry into the main draw. Subsequently, she finds herself in the qualifiers, despite having received a wildcard into the main draw in previous years.

Next Match: Jacquemot/Jeanjean vs Ostapenko/Kichenok

Although she failed to reach the main draw at French Open in singles, we will still see Jacquemot play at Roland Garros, but in women’s doubles. In the first round, she and her partner Leolia JeanJean will take on Jelena Ostapenko and Nadiia Kichenok.

Recent Results of Elsa Jacquemot

Jacquemot has played three tournaments in May alone, so she’s clearly looking to be as active as possible right now. All of these tournaments were played at WTA level too, showing two 125 events and one 1000 event. She made the round of 16 in the 125 event in Saint Malo, and she made the round of 32 at the 125 event in Paris, most recently. As for the 1000 event, which was the Italian Open, she ultimately lost in the last round of qualifying to a player ranked 107.

On top of that, Elsa was close to reaching the main draw at Roland Garros, but she ultimately lost to Simona Waltert in the final round of Qualifiers, 2-1 (6-2, 4-6, 6-4).

Elsa Jacquemot on Social Media

Given her age, it’s no surprise that Elsa Jacquemot has a presence on major social media channels including Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram, she regularly posts videos of her training sessions, which is interesting for those who wish to follow her development.

You can check out both of these channels through the links below:

Elsa Jacquemot Recent News

We don’t have anything breaking to share about Elsa Jacquemot based on recent weeks. But for those who are interested in following her results, she was playing in the French Open qualifiers this week and lost in the final round. However, she will still play at the tournament, in the main draw of women’s doubles.

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