Will we see a New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl?

Fans love it when a Hollywood scenario comes together in sports. Tom Brady at 44 years of age making the Super Bowl with Tampa in 2 consecutive years would be a huge headline of its own. But if that happens against his old team of 20 seasons – the New England Patriots, this would be a monumental match.

How big is a Pats vs Bucs Super Bowl?

Do you know who else dreams of such a development? The NFL Head office and the NBC TV network. If you recall, the two teams faced off in week 4 of the season with Brady returning to New England. The excitement was so big that this became the 2nd most viewed Sunday Night football in the history of the NFL. The match was viewed by 28.5 million people while the number one SNF match of all time has 30.3 and it featured the Cowboys fighting for the NFC East title in 2012.

We have to realize that Tom Brady is on par with the Dallas Cowboys franchise in terms of popularity. And him facing the Patriots at Super Bowl LVI may actually cause the universe to collapse.

New England Patriots Tampa bay Buccaneers Super Bowl

Can a Tampa Bay vs New England matchup really happen at SB LVI?

NFL seasons are long seasons, but this doesn’t stop fans and media from overreacting to developments each week. A 17-game regular season looks short on paper compared to MLB, NBA, NHL seasons where we see games being played every night.

Nevertheless, do you remember all the headlines and trends that we saw at the beginning of the season and how quickly things changed?

  • Both the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos started out 3-0 and Sam Darnold was the hottest QB at one point. Panthers are now 5-6 with a sketchy quarterback situation and the Broncos are 5-5 with an awfully hard schedule.
  • Then, we had the Derrick Henry MVP talk and how the Titans are going to steamroll everyone. King Henry is now out for the season and the Patriots are heavily favored against the Titans in week 12.
  • The Chiefs were bad – so bad that we decided their run was over. All of a sudden, they won two games against the Packers and the Cowboys, and the media along with the fans became certain that ‘’Patrick Mahomes is back!’’.

Reality comes at you fast in the NFL

What we are telling you is that things change rapidly. The Patriots are hot right now as they are ranked 3rd in the AFC with an opportunity to even claim the 1st seed. The Buccaneers are coming off a Monday Night victory against the Giants and are also 3rd in the NFC.

For such a Super Bowl matchup to happen, though, we have to realize that there’s a high chance for both those teams to play in the Wild Card round in the NFL playoffs. The more matches they play in the postseason, the slimmer the chance for both of them to make it to the SB.

We are here to tell you that it’s a fascinating idea to have Tom Brady face Bill Belichick in the biggest game ever, but we are also here telling you to pump the breaks. There are 7 weeks of the NFL regular season remaining.

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