How bad is Zeke’s injury and how does it affect the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes?

The Dallas Cowboys are having one of the best seasons compared to their other performances over the last 7-8 years. While we have to give credit to the defense and Dan Quinn in particular for improving significantly, it is the offense that typically gets the glory.

Is Ezekiel Elliott a good player?

Ezekiel Elliott is a major cog in Kellen Moore’s offense, and he is arguably the second most important player after Dak Prescott for the Cowboys. The versatile running back got injured in week 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs and it is not yet clear how exactly Dallas will address the situation.

Elliott has a bone bruise in his knee, but he pulled through, finished the KC game, and then played against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving. But it is obvious that he is not right as he got only 9 carries for 25 yards against the Raiders.

Ezekiel Elliott injury Dallas Cowboys

What will the Cowboys do with Zeke’s knee injury?

The exact phrase that head coach Mike McCarthy used was ‘’I am concerned’’. There are a couple of possibilities in front of Zeke and the Cowboys but currently, IR is not on the table. It is believed that he may miss a game or two. In fact, the upcoming Thursday night clash against the New Orleans Saints is almost certainly going to be missed by Elliott.

He will then have 10 days to rest before the Cowboys’ road game against division rival Washington Football Team. He may sit this one out too, but that’s too far in the future to speculate.

Another possibility that NFL insider Ian Rapoport hinted about is Zeke actually playing ‘’through’’ the injury. He is still significantly better than fellow running back Tony Pollard and the Cowboys may decide that the benefits of having Zeke in the backfield in any capacity far surpass the downsides of not having him. Ezekiel Elliott is a great pass protector and because of his blocking skills, he is invaluable to quarterback Dak Prescott.

Can Tony Pollard be a viable option if Ezekiel Elliott misses time due to injury?

He is also bigger and heavier than Pollard and is great at fighting for those short yards at 3rd down or at the goal line.

The numbers prove it as well. This season Zeke has rushed 160 times to Pollard’s 100. These numbers include the 18 total rushes that Elliott had over the last 2 games. The big difference comes when we take a look at the touchdown stats. Tony Pollard has only 1 rushing TD this season while Zeke has 8. He even snagged one TD in their last match when he was clearly hurt.

Will the Dallas Cowboys make the Super Bowl if Ezekiel Elliott is injured?

The Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes may take a hit, though. No, they will not lose Elliott for the season because of this injury but they may finish with a worse than expected record which will pair them with tougher opposition in the playoffs.

Dallas is currently 7-4 and firmly ranked first in the NFC East. But the team lost 3 of their last 4 games and if Zeke is forced to miss time, the team may have to kiss all hopes to finish 1st in the NFC goodbye. Not getting a bye in the first week of the postseason may turn out to be fatal to Dallas’ chances to reach the Super Bowl.

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