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Stayers Hurdle History: Past Winners and Trends Listed

The Stayers Hurdle history dates back to 1912, but who’s been most successful? And what are the current Stayers Hurdle trends you should pay attention to? Read on to find out.

Stayers Hurdle History – Winners and Trends Going Into 2023

The first Stayers Hurdle event was run back in 1912. Of course, this means that the race is more than 100 years old. And despite this rather lengthy Stayers Hurdle history, the race is as popular today as it has ever been. Should you need confirmation of this, the race is still an enormous G1 event that is held on day three of the Cheltenham Festival.

Furthermore, at 4.8km in length, accompanied by 12 hurdles along the way, this is a race that takes guts, flawless tactics, and serious grit to come out on top. As for those who have possessed such traits, let’s take a look at previous Stayers Hurdle winners before running through the current trends.

Cheltenham Stayers Hurdle
Photo by Tim Goode / PA Images / Icon Sport

Most Successful Stayers Hurdle Winners – Historical Look

A cool thing about looking back on the winners of this race compared to others is that some of the most famous success stories have come in recent times. But when it comes to exactly how successful the participants have been, there are a couple of names that you absolutely have to know. On that note, let us cover the most successful horse and jockey right now at Cheltenham Festival’s Stayers Hurdle.

Most Successful Horse – Big Buck’s

Big Buck’s is a horse that stands in a league of his own regarding the Stayers Hurdle. This is the only horse that has managed to win the race 4 times since 1972, which is when modifications were made to the race itself. In fact, the duo of Big Buck’s and Ruby Walsh (jockey) was just deadly between 2009 and 2012. This partnership achieved 4x wins in a row, which hasn’t been matched by anyone else.

Most Successful Jockey – Ruby Walsh

As mentioned above, Ruby Walsh won the Stayers Hurdle four times with Big Buck’s. However, she has actually won the Stayers Hurdle five times in total. The 5th and most recent win came when riding Nichols Canyon in 2017. And just like Big Buck’s, Ruby Walsh stands alone with this record.

Most Recent Stayers Hurdle Trends

This race might be more than 100 years old, but there’s no point looking back that far when identifying Stayers Hurdle trends. Instead, we’ve concentrated on the previous 10 winners to provide insight into how things might play out in 2023. So if you are looking for key trends relating to this race, make sure you read the information below.

Aged 6-9

The Stayers Hurdle is open to horses that are aged 4 and up. With that said, all of the last ten Stayers Hurdle winners have been aged between 6 and 9. So really, this is the target age you should be looking at if placing any wagers in 2023.

Participated in 4 or More Hurdle Races and Won at Least 2

It goes without saying that different horses are built for different kinds of races. And in terms of experience, this is another very important trend to pay attention to. As stated, the previous 10 winners have all been involved with four or more hurdle races in their careers. Not only that, but they had all won at least two of these races going into the Stayers Hurdle.

Won at Least a Grade One or Grade Two Hurdle Event Previously

The Stayers Hurdle is a G1 event, which makes it a highly competitive race by nature. However, when diving into the recent Stayers Hurdle trends, this is one intriguing fact that we picked up on. As you can see, each of the last 10 winners has been victorious in a G1 or G2 hurdle race in the past.

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