Yankees vs Rays Prediction: Odds & Betting Tips (06/02/2021)

The third game between the Yankees and the Rays will be on the 2nd of June and in this article, we will cover the essentials you should be aware of, like the latest odds, Yankees vs Rays prediction, and tips.

Yankees vs Rays Prediction: Tips and Recent Odds

Our baseball betting experts reviewed all the data and came up with the following betting tips for the last Yankees vs Rays game. If you want more MLB predictions, you can see the latest articles on our website.

All odds are subject to change so make sure that you check them before placing any of the wagers we recommended.

Yankees vs Rays Prediction

Moneyline Betting

In the last game between the Yankees and the Rays – the Tampa Bay Rays won with 3-1 thanks to home runs scored by Austin Meadows and Manuel Margot. In the last seven head-to-head games they played, the Yankees won only two of those games. The Rays are also at the top of the AL East table, while the Yankees are in third place. We are putting our money with the Rays as are the oddsmakers.

Total Runs

For the Yankees, the last seven games ended with less than nine runs, and the Rays, five of the last seven games ended with less than nine runs, including the last head-to-head between them which was on the 31st of May. There seems to be a tendency to not score many runs considering the Yankees’ average this season is 7.2 runs per game.

Betting on the Run Lines

We are counting on the run line because the Moneyline won’t give us as large of a payout, but if you place a run line bet, the odds are guaranteed to be better. If you bet on the Rays to win with at least one run difference then, you would stand to win more than if you bet on the Moneyline. The Rays can beat the Yankees by more than one home run as they showed in the May 31st game against them.

Match Preview of the Yankees vs Rays Game on Wednesday

Our Yankees vs Rays prediction states that the Rays have the upper hand and will most likely win the third game against the Yankees. Let’s take a look at why that is in our opinion.

There are injuries on both teams and the Yankees will have seven players out for sure considering that LaMarre, O’Day, and Wojciechowski are set to be back playing on the 1st of June. Aaron Hicks will be missing the entire season due to a wrist injury, while Luis Severino and Corey Kluber will be coming back sometime in the second half of July.

The Rays are out eight players, including Colin Poche, Jalen Beeks, Nick Anderson, and Cody Reed, who will be out until July and September due to injuries. Only Xavier Edwards who injured himself on May 26th will be questionable because he is set to be back on the 1st of June, but we don’t know if he will be healthy enough to play.

The Rays seem to be on a winning streak at least in the last five games they played, while the Yankees lost the last four, they played. We will most likely see that the Rays will solidify their place as the AL East winners and most likely take the AL East title for the fourth time, which will make it their second consecutive title since 2020.

The 2010s seem to be in favor of the New York Yankees with an overall head-to-head score for the decade 97-90, but the 2020s seem to be in favor of the Tampa Bay Rays who are currently leading 17-7 for this and the 2020 season combined. The Rays also won the last eight away games they played this MLB season and have won twenty away games overall compared to the seven away games they lost.

Yankees vs Rays Prediction: Popular Questions About Betting, Picks & Lines

Are these the only Yankees vs Rays betting picks and lines available?

No, they aren’t. Every bookmaker offers a different number of betting lines and picks for MLB games, so you can check out all available options once you open the bookmaker page for the game you want to bet on.

Where can I find Yankees vs Rays promotions?

Bookmakers sometimes offer specific promotions related to MLB games or teams, so check out your bookmaker’s promotions and bonuses page to see the latest options and if they have any relating to the MLB.

Can I place parlay bets on the Yankees vs Rays game?

Yes, you can. For example, FanDuel offers the “Same Game Parlay” feature, which you can use to bet on the upcoming Yankees vs Rays game, or you can place parlays including other MLB fixtures.

Will bookmakers offer in-play betting on the Yankees vs Rays games?

You will have to check and see whether the exact bookmaker you are interested in offers in-play for MLB fixtures because every bookie is different.

Where can I watch the MLB games live?

If you don’t have a cable network you can use to watch the MLB games, you can check out online streaming platforms that provide access to networks, like ESPN, FOX, FS1, and MLB Network. Very few streaming platforms offer all the networks that broadcast MLB games in one package, so the best choice in our opinion is to subscribe to MLB.TV and gain access to all regular-season games with their annual subscription.

How much does an MLB.TV subscription cost?

If you want to subscribe for the entire year the price of the subscription is $129.99 and the package includes all teams. A monthly subscription with the same access costs $24.99 per month. If you want to subscribe to a single team’s games you will have to pay $109.99 for the entire season.

Is it free to sign up for a Sportsbook?

Yes, it is. Registration and verification are 100% free and you will only use the funds you deposit to place bets on the platform.