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Sarmiento vs Banfield prediction, odds and free tips 17/02/2022

One of the closest games in the next round of Copa de la Liga Profesional is Sarmiento vs Banfield, so check our top betting tips and our preview of this game.

Our best Sarmiento vs Banfield betting predictions and picks

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Sarmiento and Banfield to Draw

Sarmiento started the new season in Copa de la Liga Profesional with a win over Atletico Tucuman at home, while Banfield drew with San Lorenzo away from home.

However, these two teams are very similar in quality, although Banfield was way ahead of Sarmiento last season in aggregate standings, which Sarmiento finished near the bottom. Still, we can see this game ending without a winner, which happened in four of the last five meetings between these two teams.

Sarmiento and Banfield to Draw at Half Time

Since we expect this game to end in a draw, we also expect the teams to be tied at half time, which is the most common outcome for games ending without a winner.

On top of that, Sarmiento and Banfield drew at half time in four of their last five h2h meetings, so we can see that happening again on Thursday.

Under 2.5 Total Goals

The last five head-to-head duels between Sarmiento and Banfield have gone under 2.5 total goals and we can see that being the case once again in their next game.

After all, both teams have also gone under 2.5 total goals in their first games in the new season. Also, four of their last five meetings have ended 0-0, so another interesting, albeit more risky bet, is to bet on 0-0 being the correct score of this match.

Sarmiento vs Banfield preview: Can Sarmiento start the season with two wins?


Only Arsenal de Sarandi was behind Sarmiento last season in the aggregate standings since they finished 25th in the league of 26 teams. So, a win against Atletico Tucuman at the start of the new Copa de la Liga Profesional season is a very good sign of better things to come for Sarmiento and their fans. Luis Garnier and Joaquin Gho are both out of the next game with injuries.


Although they were 17th in the aggregate standings last season, Banfield will play in Copa Sudamericana this season after winning the 2020 Copa de la Liga Profesional, which was the first edition of the competition and which was finished late due to the pandemic. In any case, Banfield started the new season of Copa de la Liga Profesional with a draw against San Lorenzo. Carbera and Cuero will miss the upcoming game due to injuries.

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Frequently asked questions for Sarmiento vs Banfield

Sarmiento vs Banfield Prediction

  • What are the odds on each team? The odds on Sarmiento are 37/20 (2.85), on Banfield 29/20 (2.45), and on a draw 39/20 (2.95).
  • When is the game scheduled for? The game is scheduled for 10:15 pm GMT on Wednesday, February 17th.
  • Where will the match be held? The match will be held at Estadio Eva Peron in Junin.

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